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  1. Bog, I am new to bear hunting this year. I have read, read some more, and then read even more. You tubed myself to death. Bought bait, set up 2 stations and am trying my hand at something I have always wanted to do. I admittingly know very little of this game called bear bait and bear hunt. I am, however, very much looking forward to trying it. I do know 2 things!!!! 1. the work begins when you pull the trigger. 2. I would never want to upset another hunter... EVER I consider myself ethical in every way when it comes to fishing, small game and big game. So, with that said, while some folks here are suggesting you flip out and start bleaching, etc, I beg of you to simply take the high road and have the conversation as has also been suggested. I'd be sick it it were me and I never knew your bait was there. Just sick. So, as with anything you read on internet forums - you will get both extremes for suggestions.... might I be so humble as to suggest a cooler more sportsman type approach might be sufficient? Call me gullible but I very much doubt what you are experiencing is intentional by the other party..... over & out Daredevil. p.s. you are not near northome are you?
  2. Sandmannd, again, do they manf their own blanks? I am told there are only maybe a handful of blank manufactuers world wide. I am just wondering if they are one of them???
  3. Sandmannd & River Dan, Tell me more about these Limit Creek Rods. The web site suggests that they have a Stillwater/Hudson prescence with a handful of retailers carrying the product. Do they manufacture their own rods?
  4. Reynolds, remember we are discussing values of a snowmobile that is 13 years old. 13 YEARS. You can line as many various 1995 snowmobiles (solo seats/2 ups/ low miles/high miles/ rusted/mint whatever you wish) up along the curb for sale and they all will bring about the same money if and when they ever sell. My point was only to be that a 2 up will almost always sell before a solo seater, no matter what the year is.
  5. Snowmobiles are a dime a dozen now, I am affraid to say. The market is far too saturated with non current newer models in nice condition with low miles simply due to what mother nature has done to us. My take is that at some point its only worth so much and the numbers thrown around seem to be fair. What I see as your misfortune is that several model years newer are available for the same price. So, selling yours just got tougher.... Your 2 up adds no value for the reasons just stated. FWIW, I have (2) 2005 2 ups that are now worth 1/3rd the purchase price of just 2 years ago just sitting here depreciating away.... What your 2-up ADDS is SALEABILITY. It will sell faster than a solo seater. Might not bring you more dough - just leave the garage sooner... Good luck.
  6. Don't forget Luch lost Gollie & O'Brien. Gollie may have been expected but O'Brien? 4th line and what?... 15 points Tough to coach that one...
  7. After a full day a field North and East of Winnie area. Walked 7,000 miles of trails. 4 points. 2 shots. no kills. Not going to keep me home but I'd sure like to know what is going on....
  8. A meduim light power & fast action is my preference for depths below 15 feet. Just can't be beat imho. Any deeper and I feel you lose hook set power, especially with mono. Just too much play/strecth. In waters deeper than 15 a medium power rod is more effective and the x fast tip or fast will give you a better hook set.
  9. My .02. I've done it a few times. If your laying down plastic, make sure it is clear in color. Gray or black plastic will "heat" and without doubt melt the ice. Check with momma ahead of time too - with plastic down - your grass will take a beating. Be preared to have dead/dying grass come spring. Use of a garden hose is good - IF you tie in to the inside faucet. Warmer water brings/cures better ice. Cold water freezes too fast and then you have the leveling game going on. So, make sure you have enough hose to come off the laundry tub or kitchen sink - out the window- and to the rink. Again, just as with dead grass, check with Momma on the hose idea. Your floor will have a heap of hose on it all winter long. An open window in January might make the queen wonder... When it comes to leveling, throw some snow in and soak it. It;ll slush out and eventually freeze. A quick and easy fix to unlevel ice. Distance from house - simplicity. The longer the distance the less it gets used. Build it as close to your front door as possible. Go to fleet farm or the like and get bailer belting and use it as a mat to have the kids get to the rink. Yep, right out your front door down the mat to the rink. Your other option is to tie the skates out side in the cold! Rink size - smaller the better. I trust the intentions here in building the rink is to provide entertainment for the kids. You are, however, trying to solidy the D1 scholarship at age 8 as well! Force the "East/West" skating which will build ankle strength. The cross over skills will perfect here long before at any team practice forum. "North / South" rinks will only produce a weak ankled fast skater. We live on a lake. I tried the rink thing there. Ice auger a hole, run the extension cord, drop the sump pump. Throw 1000's of gallons on it. Water freezes too fast. Its nothing more than a ice mound. Too far from the house. The kids are cold. Calling you on the walkie talkies 5 minutes after you got back up to the house cuz they are cold. Back down to the lake you go - untie the skates. Wind drifting the snow - shoveling/plowing constantly... Blah blah blah. Good luck!
  10. the Lund web site is now showcasing the new Lund fiberglass Tyee 186.
  11. With daylight savings taking place, I thought it'd be good that the ol girl and I have the conversation I have been contemplating for a couple of months now. Yep, I climbed up in her. Batteries fully charged and ready to go she was. Just as clean as she was when I put her away last fall. There she sat - smiling with pride. I turned the music on and our favorite stations were still in the presets. We talked about the relationship of the years past and both agreed it has been fun. The next part of the conversation was going to be hard. I knew it. So, with all tact, I broke it to her. I said that I had been thinking of a new gal who was a couple years younger. In fact, it was one of her sisters. Her family heritage and traditions made great impacts on me. Yes she had the wheel, dual console and all, but I was going to the tiller. I stressed it wasn't that she was "bad". In fact, I told her I still loved her. She seemed to understand but again gave me the impression she never saw it coming. I said I would make my final decision in the next 60 days or so. I promised her I would find her a new home that was just as good if not better. I even told her that if I could not find her a new home, I would not break up with her and I'd use her one more summer. So, with patience, she has agreed to continuing the relationship. Man o man. Somebody tell me they have had similar talks and in the end it was ok.....
  12. pics sent. Back lash, your was returend to me. call me at 218 328 6502 and i can get your email and retry? It is water ready - detailed last fall when I put it away.
  13. Hey FMers, I need some help. I have an 03 Yamaha Kodiak 450. Last weekend I was out bushwhacking in the snow storm and at one point the electric start went out. LED panel down too. I simply pulled the start cord and back on my way I went thinking nothing more of what happened. Now this week after another 12 inches, I went out to plow. The wench is not working AT ALL. In addition, while in reverse, the wheeler spits, spurts and spatters. Its like it is in engine limiting gear or something. Here is the wierd part. As I said the wench is not working but when I push either the up or down button on the wench, the reverse works just fine while the button is being pushed. Let off the wench button, she goes into spit sputter won't go mode. Everything is fine with forward drive. Just no wench and no reverse unless the wench button is being pushed. So, before I take it in to the dealer and get a who knows how much bill, I thought I'd beg for opinions here first.
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