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  1. Drilled the holes first then set the sleeves down seemed to work a lot better...just have to make sure you mark your holes lol
  2. Update: took the shack out this weekend had reflectix and fans blowing in the holes and they stayed open in the -20 windchills
  3. Thanks for the ideas my next thing to try is reflextix insulation from menards and fans down in the holes and go from there
  4. I have a 30,000 btu furnace with 3 vents lower to the floor. I use an 8 inch auger but I’m having problems with them skimming over not really shrinking
  5. I’ve seen a few of these posts but I have a camper ice shack conversion that doesn’t drop down, open to ideas on how to keep my holes from freezing over- ive tried just about everything the boiling water, a minnow aerator, and charcoal and still fighting holes skimming over
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