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  1. raymondk

    Defective Rapalas

    switch to salmo;s rapalas are good for about 10 fish, I had a salmo that I caught close to 100 fish off of one lure until a big northern took it on me.rapalas are not made the same as they use to. I am at the point of thinking of removing from my tackle box.I just have faith in them anymore.
  2. raymondk

    Reg ?

    on the lake yes but you are off the lake in a camper if you are planning on eating them not transporting them home no skin is needed.leaving the fish whole is mainly for ice fishing when you are still on the lake.
  3. raymondk

    22 mag ammo

    I seen the most 22 ammo at the new fleet farm in Mankato they had A PALLET but they had a limit of 100 for $7.50.WAY TO HIGH FOR ME.
  4. raymondk

    motor bogging down

    had the same thing happen to me a few years back the first thing go get yourself a quality hose and bulb and get yourself some new oem connectors the connector on your motor looks the same I made the mistake by buying a aftermarket one which must of leaked some my bulb never really went soft it always ran good until I tried running it wide open I always had to feather it to get it up to speed .
  5. raymondk

    LX7 battery life

    the facts are that they use more power then vexlars so your batteries will last shorter.If you are getting 8 hrs you are doing good.Vexlars will last close to 12 hours.
  6. raymondk

    Marcum call back

    why should you put up with something like that when you just spent $500 time to switch brands if they can't help you in a timely matter!!!!!
  7. raymondk

    Rubber, PVC, or Nylon net?

    rubber nets are good catch and release nets even if you want a fish dinner!!!!!!
  8. raymondk

    Wiring trailer lights on fish house

    are your lights grounded to the frame if not you are going to have to run a ground wire to both your lights. what are your lights mounted to.
  9. raymondk

    03 silverado

    sensors are not that bad to buy you can buy 2 sensors what it would cost you to get it scanned at a dealer I am working on mine shortly I already checked the wiring I got a sensor for $ 80 every mechanic I talked to said most of the time the problem is either wiring under drivers seat or one of the front sensors . I am going to replace sensor one at a time if it isn't a sensor I will have to dig in the wiring some more .Just make sure that you unhook battery and pull fuse and wait 30 minutes before doing any thing.
  10. raymondk

    Boat Trailer License plate?

    the real problem will come if you get in a accident if you have it wrong good luck with the DOT this also can be a real big problem with fishhouses if you are over 3000# with no brakes .
  11. raymondk

    pheasants report

    I hope everybody thinks the same way less hunters is always good .The numbers should be better than last year and last year wasn't really that bad.
  12. raymondk


    I still have some live from may with tap water in frig. will be using them up next week. all you have to do is change water every week.
  13. raymondk

    Trashed aluminum boat or canoe?

    fiberglass some one might even pay you take one
  14. raymondk

    It's not working!

    everytime I have checked by the dnr and the inspectors at the landings they have been very nice and helpful even pulling weeds on the bottom of my trailer while I still was strapping my boat down. The few on here that dam about everything the dnr is doing to slow it down either start doing your part or sell your fishing/boating stuff and find something else to screw up.
  15. raymondk

    Battery Size

    go with the biggest deep cycle you can go with measure your area where your battery goes if you have to get a bigger battery tray don't go with a dual purpose battery your 35 hp motor doesn't take to much to turn over I have been doing this for years with this setup.