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  1. HateWork

    One sonar/gps

    Hello, I am thinking about getting only one sonar/gps for my boat. I am looking at a HB Helix 10” si mega on the console. I will most likely be buying a Uterra ipilot, no link. This is a new boat and I am looking to save some money. I will have a nice large rear casting deck and really only fished in the bow of other boats when fishing shallow weed lines. any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.
  2. HateWork

    Utv in toy hauler

    Thank you for your the replies. I appreciate the help.
  3. HateWork

    Utv in toy hauler

    The size of the house is around 8x21 or a bit larger, plus the V. I emailed the folks at Lodge asking for their dimensions. Do you know of any cargo trailer builders with drop down axles? Thank you for the help.
  4. HateWork

    Utv in toy hauler

    Hello, I am looking at a tandem axle toy hauler fish house. My UTV is 63" wide and 76" tall. I am looking at Firebrand, Yetti, Big Bite and Ice Castle. Most of the houses listed have an average width between the wheel wells of 64". so this leaves me about a 1/2" clearance on each side of the UTV. I am looking at the custom build. Some dealers are saying I can gain about an inch depending on the trim options. How are guys with UTVs loading them with limited width clearance? Are you driving in as far as you can and then crawling over the hood or out the back, over the box? Driving in partially and then pushing it in the rest of way? Driving in partially and them winching rest of the way in? Backing in and using the extra room where the fold up rear bunks are to exit the machine? my machine has half doors. I am just looking for options/ideas because I want a toy hauler fish house. Thank you for the advice