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  1. Parise and Ek hurt, slowly fading in the standings and in the midst of a rebuild, the golf clubs aren't out yet but the boys have been thinking about getting them out and dusting them off. 

  2. What the he11 fenton, now you give Granlund away too, how does a guy who is suppose to know hockey give away a consistent 70 point player for a guy who hit 48 points and 20 goals one time, one time! Good to see us winning but my god how do you make that trade and the nino trade and not ask for pick back. 

  3. Coyle for Donato and a 5th, not as bad as nino for rask because at least donato has some potential to be a better goal scorer but overall yikes, not thrilled with Fentons bigger trades so far, the smaller ones have been good but that is the problem. Either way all signs point toward a rebuild of some kind.

  4. I must be mad at math, honestly we just lost 4 in a row and weren't good before that and yet we cling to 8th place. We can't even tank right and get a better draft pick. 

  5. Officially out of playoffs now, might be the best thing for us, just need a little reset with this team and have to get younger and faster. I will say it is nice to see Ek and Kunin starting to put some pucks in the net, Ek was really trying to get me to give up on him but it is good to remember he is the same age as Greenway.

  6. Well Koivu is done for the season and we just lost 3 in a row, somehow still 7th in the west but it might be time to retool this team. Dumba being out, the nino trade looking terrible, Granlund not really playing like himself, lots of signs pointed to us missing the playoffs. Might be time to sell Staal and try and get another 1st rounder for him. Only good I am seeing of late is Spurgeon found another level and Parise has been great all year, I do like what I am seeing from Greenway too. Just time to get younger and faster. 

  7. This team is so mental, beat Winnipeg and Toronto and then get crushed by Detroit and Philly giving up 13 in the process. Might be time to take up knitting or basket weaving. 

  8. Ugg starting to win again, hope they pick a direction and stick with it. Kind of in a playoff spot again after the Ducks dropped 8 in a row, guess we have to see what happens. 

  9. Dumba is done for the year and we are playing like hot garbage. Time to embrace the tank yet? We could use some high end talent from the top of the draft, a lotto win is much needed.

  10. More than likely we turn this thing around, plenty of season left but we are one of the oldest teams in the league so some kind of re-tool or re-build is in order at some point in our near future. If we suck this year and it starts now so be it. 

  11. Signs of life again, man we are like a yoyo team. Real test will come against Calgary, they seem legit this year and just stomped us pretty hard a week or so back. 

  12. We just seem to be losing our mojo, 3rd in the league two weeks ago and now sitting at 15th. 🤨 Dubs was kind of carrying us early but now we look old and slow. BB you out there, if they keep this up you might get your rebuild. Of course we probably pull it together at some point make the playoffs and lose in the first round but at our age this is probably the last shot with the old core. Half hoping we bomb and can sell Stall at the deadline because we need some new youth. 

  13. That was the best I have seen them play all year, just unfortunate Toronto got one off a glove and 2 off of Seeler's rear end. We have kind of been in a funk lately, would be nice to see some wins again. 

  14. On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 12:07 AM, knoppers said:

    very big win tonight against the jets,  down 2-0 pull out the win with a great 3rd period.


    That was a fun game but we have clearly cooled off the last couple of weeks. Hopefully they can pick up again, Dubs has been off, they have a kid killing it in the AHL, hope he gets a shot sometime this year. Stalock is a good enough backup but if we had someone to push Dubs a little that would be nice. 

  15. Ya a couple of stinkers the last two games, one thing that was nice about last year is we finally kicked the large and extended slumps, lets hope to see that again and put some points up. 

  16. Not much to complain about so far, must be why its so quiet in here. From the games I am seeing we don't even look all that great yet but are finding ways to win and Dubs/parise/granlund have been amazing. Will need some depth to kick in to be any kind of real contender, and of course we need to find a way to actually score goals if we make the playoffs, it seems that is always the issue. 

  17. I think Parise has been great this year, like his old self,  one of the few bright spots during a slow start. Liking Greenway more and more, he isn't producing yet but he looked good last night, really starting to use his size out there. Need to see more out of Coyle and Nino. 

  18. Caught the 2nd game, Dubs was great and Parise looks really good again, need to get the scoring going. Suter looks a little rusty but should be fine in time. Dumba also looking good out there, 3rd line looks a little messy. 

  19. Another wild season about to open, woo hoo? Pretty much the same team as last year, hopefully Greenway and Ek can contribute a little and Coyle and Nino can get back to form. Health, we need plenty of it, last year we got hammered with injuries and still managed 100 points so overall not bad. We shall see what this year brings. 

  20. The Blues loaded up as well. Still no reason we can't compete with any of them, this isn't the wild of old we still have plenty skill. Our biggest weakness seems to be post season scoring, no clue how to fix that. 

    If we win it will be with depth, we need 3 scoring lines and the D to contribute in both zones. BB is right the kids are no longer kids and really they have helped with most of the heavy lifting the past couple of years. Nino should bounce back, he was clearly off after his injury. Coyle shows flashes but never seems to find the consistency, he is a strange case. The only kid I'd like to see step up is Ek, a 40-50 point year from him and we get some of our depth back. I liked what I saw from Greenway last year and it sounds like he tore up that prospects tournament last week so anything he can contribute would be great but I'm not going to expect too much. 

    Just make the playoffs and get hot at the right time and anything can happen. Caps winning the cup, San Jose making a run a few years back, both of those teams did it after years of failure, no reason we can't do it as well but all the pieces have to come together at the right time. 

    The only guy I'm worried is slowing a bit is Koivu, he just seemed a little off last year. Of course we all hope Parise can stay healthy after a big end to the season, was really nice to see him scoring again. Staal has been nothing short of a miracle, hopefully he can keep it up but I'm not expected another 40 goals but another 30 would be nice. Should be another fun season, plenty to look forward to. 

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