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  1. Niteryder

    Forced air furnace in fish house

    I was in the same boat. But then I decided that I never want to rely on power. This thing is way overkill, but no LP gas headache here. I do have a small 12v fan on the ceiling to move air, but when the house gets to temp, it's not really needed.
  2. Niteryder

    Wheel House Build Renovation

    I was looking for some input on what direction to go with my wheel house. We did quite a bit of work on it this past summer and now it's time for some interior upgrades. I have been in a few houses and they always seemed to have semi-crappy layouts. Here is the current layout, it's a clean slate. I know I can save space switching heaters but stays for this year and maybe next. The inside dimensions are 6' 6" wide by 12' long and 6' high. I was thinking of moving the holes around and maybe adding this:
  3. Niteryder

    Register Wheel House

    Thanks! I went and spoke with the DMV, I was given a sheet for homemade trailers so I can itemize the parts. Then I need to add up the values to pay sales tax on. She said I can write "on-hand" for the parts so no receipt is needed. Just posting for reference.
  4. Niteryder

    Register Wheel House

    My Dad traded a boat last year for a wheel house and I would guess the house was never registered. We mostly rebuilt it from the ground up because it was too wide to pull down the road. Anyway, my Dad passed away early this year before he could register or use it. It was handed down to me and I am a little confused how to get it registered. I don't have any receipts for anything and it's 7.5'x12'. So, under 3k lbs is my guess. Any ideas?