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  1. Thank you both for the replies. It looks like there is a continuous season and no gun type restrictions here in MN.
  2. Hi guys I posted this in the general hunting forum and could no get a single person to help out. Perhaps it was my mistake for not posting it here. We have a few Coyote around on some private ground in MN tha I would like to try to hunt. Is there any rules I should be aware of or season/caliber restrction etc? Thanks
  3. Hello, we have a few Coyote around on some private ground in MN tha I would like to try to hunt. Is there any rules I should be aware of or season/caliber restrction etc? Thanks
  4. Cody-btw you are a lucky guy, I only wish I could ever get out on a 4 day hunt. I don't think it has ever happend. Made a few 3 days in my life, but they are pretty rare, I am happy to get out for a day, 2 in a row is a bonus. That dang work, wife and walleye fishing keep getting in the way.
  5. Yes, I think that is true it depends on the dog, but I also think it depends on the weather a lot too. I release a fair amount of pen raised birds on a private farm for personal dog training starting each August and Early September. I can't and don't run him hard or long but after an hour or two I have caught him laying down under scrub brush for shade during a hunt. If it is 60 or above he really wears down quick, but it seems with mine the colder it is the better he is. Might have something to do with him wanting to keep moving and stay warm? I know if the temps are 30-40 and low 50's he goes all day and I have never seen him sit or lay down at the end of a hunt. I really think heat hurts dogs especially big ones and really any that are in bad shape/health. Remember a couple years ago in SoDak when the papers reported hundereds of dogs dieing on opening weekend with the warm temps.
  6. I don't think that 55 is real small, bottom line is if you have a good dog they will jump, dive, wiggle, crawl, burrow or whatever it takes to get the bird anywhere. Btw my buddy has a female black lab and man are they fun to hunt roosters with, dang good pheasant dogs too!
  7. Mr. B I am not sure if a bigger dog actually works thick cover better or not, but it kinda seems like they would have an easier time busting though. I really don't hunt with a small dog much other than a friends 40# English pointer he is kinda cute when he gets in weeds taller than him(which doesn't take much) he stops about every 20 ft and stands on his hind legs like a praire dog trying to look around, then back to work. My dog is tall with long legs and a lot of clearence(friends call him a pony), he can simple trot though/over stuff a smaller dog might have to be constanly leaping over. I have a neighbor with a 25# springer(maybe 6-10" of clearence) I honestly have never seen her hunt, but can't imagine how she would every make it in thick tall stuff very long.
  8. Thanks for the reply, sorry I have been slow getting back. I off to North Dakota to try for some ducks this weekned, maybe after that though.
  9. I don't know a dang thing about ducks, but that one looks pretty neat! Congrats.
  10. I have never hunted behind a pointer other than my dog and I was curious if any of the guys from this forum want to get together and do some hunting of some WMA's out west on a weekend sometime. Not sure what to expect but would like to see some other dogs work. Deer hunting this weekend, but I think I have next weekned open.
  11. I have a GSP right around 100 and he is vet definition of healthy. His dad is about 115 with muscle straps running down his chest and legs like you have never seen. Really are great dogs, it always impresses me how quick they pick up on things and how easy it all comes to them. Sure is fun to watch a pointing dog work.
  12. Good post Harpoon. I am glad you had the [email protected]^s to say it. Not sure why we need a numbers goal and I also thing that is bordering on "game hog" I maybe get out a half dozen times each year and really enjoy being out and getting off my fat arse. If I get a bird or two that is a bonus. Sure would hate to see this great pheasant population get hurt. For years we never saw any birds at my pops farm in Alex area, now we jump 5-10 every time we hunt.
  13. Anything new happening? What is the report.
  14. I think you have some good advice here and will also really like the gun. I have been abusing and not taking care of my 11-87 for about 7 years now and it never gives me any problems. They are awesome guns! Hot or cold dirty or clean they work flawlessly. I have been very happy with mine. I would say a good cleaning and some rem oil should get things rolling! I have seen a friends act up, but he has no idea how to clean a gun and after we cleaned it... worked perfect! Good luck BTW all I shoot are those light grouse loads.
  15. Thanks buddy! Our trip(supposed to leave tonight) was delayed, but not canceled. Hope to be up in 2 weeks. Please keep the reports coming! Thanks
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