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  1. JustEyes

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Yes, build to order at this point. Custom. I placed my order in mid August, the main build started in September and he was done by the end of October. He builds several at a time and has a third party building the aluminum base frame. He is a mechanical engineer by trade so very much into the details. Gary kept me up to date along the way and we emailed frequently with build detail decisions to get it the way I wanted. i believe they also just moved into a larger production shop. i forgot to mention earlier with those pictures that there is a wood board over the couch base hole and under the jacknife sofa.
  2. JustEyes

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    i think those jackknife couches are 72 inches but not positive, will check on that. The back dinette bed would be almost 8 feet wide. Here are some more pics of the furnace, batteries, and hydraulic system under the couch. Also the Biffy and closet in the front, the stereo system with Bluetooth, some USB charging ports next to it, cabinet for the satellite receiver with all connections tucked inside. Pic of the outside 30 amp generator plug in and propane tanks. Has lights over the tanks and entry door. You can connect whatever you want to the tv, so yes a water camera would work on that. Hoping to get on the ice next weekend!! Good luck to all...
  3. JustEyes

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    The batteries, had 2 put in, the hydraulics, and the furnace are all under the couch. 4 air vents for heat distribution. There is a 30 amp generator plug in on the opposite side of the house you can't see. Also spare tire mount on back. Will snap some more pics this weekend.
  4. JustEyes

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Thanks to this web site forums have a digital Pro1 thermostat installed, reads temp and starts furnace in the cold weather below 40 degrees. Waiting for -20 for the real test but so far so good
  5. JustEyes

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    No connection to Legend trailers that I am aware of. Any particular pics you want to see? Can post some more later. There is a board separating the bottom of the sofa and the furnace/duct work. Prob no different than in a lower cabinet or under the stove where my last one was located.
  6. JustEyes

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    It is an 8 x 16, model 8616-NDC. The weight came in at 3400, the builder weighed it for an actual weight, not estimated. price was 23,700 before my added extras. Price package includes everything except tv setup and rattle wheels.
  7. Wanted to give a shout out to Legend Manufacturing in Ellsworth, WI. www.legendicehouse.com They are building a very nice all aluminum frame fish house . I took delivery of mine about a month ago. Gary Hible is the owner and he was great to work with on any customizing I wanted done and installing extra features. The fit/finish and quality are second to none. I have owned two 8 x 16 wheel houses prior to the Legend and there is no comparison. The Legend has a hydraulic lift system that is one pin and one button to operate, doesn't get any easier. Legend has lots of model options and sizes to choose from. The build was on time and the price was exactly as quoted. Gary was even nice enough to deliver it to my home, cant ask for better customer service. Attached are a few pictures of my house, the graphics were my own after market addition. Pricing is between big brand X and brand Y if you follow, very competitive. Good luck on the Ice!