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  1. My thoughts exactly. Still tempted to try to put some sort of center point on my Ion, but afraid it will mess up the blade design. These things can be a bear inside a wheel house on rough ice
  2. How far do you want to go? Once the wind goes down and the ice gets locked up, it appears that NE SD will have pretty good ice making weather over the next week. I would expect a good possibility for walkable ice up in the webster area by next weekend. Just need to get the sloughs locked up and keep the snow off of it!
  3. A cheap welding blanket is a cost effective solutions as well!
  4. Haven't posted anything on here for a while, but I got the opportunity to do my first turkey on the pellet smoker over thanksgiving. It was a big 'ole 21 pounder so I was quite sure what to expect for cooking times. I spatchcocked the bird the same way I do with chickens. It tends to make the bird cook more even and also reduces the cooking time. I was going to brine it, but figured I would try something a little different.... compound butter. First off, if you don't know what compound butter is don't feel bad because I had no idea until doing some youtubing on pellet grill turkeys. Basically
  5. I guess that this is what you get when you start a topic with the subject line "I'd like your opinion"
  6. $37 per year..... Or just find someone to buy you a 3-yr license for $42. Seem kinda goofy consider that stamps are the same price for both in-state and out-of-state
  7. Pat it dry and let it sit in the fridge uncovered over night. Work butter between the meat and skin on both breasts and thighs. Drizzle olive oil on top of skin before putting it in the smoker. Are you going for a true "smoked" chicken, or a roasted chicken with smoked flavor? If you are truly going for a smoked chicken where your cooking temps aren't going above 225, the previous recommendation will help make it crispier, but it will always be a little rubbery. If you want a roasted chicken with smoked flavor, I suggest smoking at 150-160 for 30-45 min, then cranky it up to 300-325 until done
  8. Iron River has some nice rentals... Haven't use much else up that way
  9. I think that Leech or Hawg have one in their house that was homemade. I suggest making one out of aluminum tubing and using a two piece cushion design. I thought about doing one similar in my build, but ended up going with the straight 30". I would suggest doing a dual 18" design. It gives you ample but space and a nice back rest. Do you have pictures of your current dinette setup?
  10. rlsd

    First Ice

    Never too soon!!
  11. Depends on the flavor you are going for. What type of smoker you using? I have had good luck with a simple brine containing 1/2 cup canning salt, 1cup sugar to a gallon of water. As far as cooking goes, I like to remove the backbone and splay the birds out. It seems to keep the drummies and wings from getting to crispy. I like a lot of smoke, so I will run my pellet grill on the smoke setting for 60-90 and then crank it up to 325 until the breasts are 160 internal temp
  12. So... its been a while since I have been on. For some reason my account got tagged and the admin can seem to get it back on line so I had to start a new account. The nice part is that I can post again... the back part is that all my old posts have been removed (grrr) Anyway.... I have been wanting to post on this one for the last two weeks. Propane tanks in anything but a portable is a bad idea! Keep in mind that propane expands when it gets warmer. Propane tanks have a pressure blow off valve. How do I know? We were fishing a number of years back and were going to come back the next day.
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