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  1. lematt

    Teen Vehicle

    Honda CRV is reliable also and an all-wheel drive.
  2. lematt

    Devil's Lake North Dakota Trip Day Two

    I enjoyed watching the video. Looked like a great trip indeed.
  3. lematt

    headlights for the boat

    Nice light setup, aanderud! May I know the brand?
  4. lematt

    Time to shine up the sleds

    I envy you. Enjoy!
  5. lematt

    Best gps for Hunting

    The onXmaps is a good app but the paid version is quite pricey.
  6. lematt

    Pike and Bass Strikes from the Drone!

    Looks like you guys had a blast. I like the drone shots.
  7. lematt


    I fried a mooneye in virgin olive oil and the taste was good.
  8. lematt

    Gps app

    Another solution is to get Handheld radios (FRS/GMRS) especially if there's weak cell signal.
  9. lematt

    Transporting fish

    I would also bleed them before storing in an ice box.