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  1. GrahamD

    Check Engine Light

    How's it so far? A buddy of mine got a Silverado who's experiencing the same. I came over last weekend to help him install the new rails, lund truck bed cover and rack for kayak mount and took it for a test drive/refill gas. CEL lit on for about a minute and turned off. He said it happened twice last month, it got a new cap last September.
  2. GrahamD

    Used Two Man Flipovers

    Must be a very reliable one.
  3. GrahamD

    See Through Hole Covers

    That sounds a sturdy one.
  4. GrahamD

    Lake Winnipeg Lower Basin And Red River Is Now Mapped.

    This sounds awesome! Should be very helpful especially for those with limited time only.
  5. GrahamD

    New Build 8x16

    Sounds a good project. Looking forward to the end product.
  6. GrahamD

    2nd Smitty Sled Build

    Brilliant design. That should move smoothly on turns.
  7. GrahamD

    Show Your Orange Motley Crew.

    Lol that cracked me good!
  8. GrahamD

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    That is surprisingly clear!
  9. GrahamD

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    I believe too there shouldn't be a problem running at max pressure. One guy brought his rig for a new set of xd wheels and radial tires and he prefers at max pressure. See if it will ride a little rough for you.
  10. GrahamD

    Raptor of interest

    Looks different to me, or probably just the light and shade difference.
  11. GrahamD

    The couple

    A couple of neighbors use pellet gun with good success as well.
  12. GrahamD

    Teen Vehicle

    Rav4 and 4Runner are great choices but depend on the weight of the boat.
  13. GrahamD

    Fun little project.

    That would be a cool ride for the kiddo! Well done
  14. Stumbled on this thread and nice to see that cool truck! That's is a sweet find. Reminds me of the project truck of my buddy's uncle. 1992 F150 2x4 6" suspension lift, Motometal forged wheels, and 33" tires.
  15. GrahamD

    Underwater Walleye strikes video

    Good catch of the actions and reactions of the walleyes down there.