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  1. GrahamD

    Tire Pressure On a Wheel House

    I believe too there shouldn't be a problem running at max pressure. One guy brought his rig for a new set of xd wheels and radial tires and he prefers at max pressure. See if it will ride a little rough for you.
  2. GrahamD

    Raptor of interest

    Looks different to me, or probably just the light and shade difference.
  3. GrahamD

    The couple

    A couple of neighbors use pellet gun with good success as well.
  4. GrahamD

    Teen Vehicle

    Rav4 and 4Runner are great choices but depend on the weight of the boat.
  5. GrahamD

    Fun little project.

    That would be a cool ride for the kiddo! Well done
  6. Stumbled on this thread and nice to see that cool truck! That's is a sweet find. Reminds me of the project truck of my buddy's uncle. 1992 F150 2x4 6" suspension lift, Motometal forged wheels, and 33" tires.
  7. GrahamD

    Underwater Walleye strikes video

    Good catch of the actions and reactions of the walleyes down there.
  8. GrahamD

    Grandsons and Gills (video)

    Nice catch for your little boy!
  9. GrahamD

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    So many beautiful carps! Keep them coming
  10. GrahamD

    Backup Plan Bluegills (Video)

    Heard about this trick before.
  11. GrahamD

    Crappie Fishing

    Great catch for that spot!
  12. GrahamD

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Great job for this kid!
  13. GrahamD

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Beautiful fish and nice experience for your boy!
  14. GrahamD

    Longest day ever

    Jealous of your free time! Have fun
  15. GrahamD

    Long Lake-Park Rapids

    Looking to visit this lake soon.