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  1. I have the same stuff and got it at Metal Sales in Rogers.
  2. One thing i'm super glad I did was take detailed notes on where the wiring is all located. Pictures with a tape measure and drawings outlining wire placement. Has save a-lot of headaches with updates (rattle reels, couches, beds, bottle openers, antlers, etc).
  3. Like the color scheme! Did a similar one a few years back. Still going strong with little to no rust! Yea I'm curious on Hawg's question. I have re-caulked my windows (same brand as yours) and have had not water issues. Is a bit of a chore and on-going maintenance. Let us know! Seating is always a pain in these things.. I've been unable to find a good way to make it space-saving, comfortable and fishable. What are your plans there? Thanks,
  4. This is an awesome idea. It is an annoying issue. I actually have a short bungee hanging on the wall that I picked up off the ice one day. Looks like I found a use! I think the magnet is the upgraded version of my reply to your other post lol My knife is always falling out of my thrift shop holder. I’ll have to get a magnet.
  5. Yep knife, lure and pliers holder. Got them from the thrift shop up!
  6. Hey everyone had some major upgrades since my last post thought I’d throw it up here for yoUr entertainment. Solar panels: 2 renogy 100w, with 2 golf cart batteries. Haven't run out of power yet But I don't use anything other than lights and heater most of the time
  7. Looks awesome! Those batteries look pretty beefy. What kind are they?
  8. It's a lot easier the way you're calculating it (aka the right way) lol. The one I have actually draws 22 amps so slightly less than your calculation, at 2.02. Looking at my math i was using 95Watts for some reason. Are your inverters pure sine wave or modified sine wave?
  9. You're right. Where I went to school the math worked out to 10 AMPs but after looking at it again it's closer to 1. It's a Vizio 32". Thank you! I've been looking into the inverter part of the system. I plan on only running the TV and maybe a charger for the auger until i figure out a way to charge the auger right off of the DC current. So i'll probably borrow your strategy if you don't mind lol. What do you run for a battery bank on yours?
  10. My generator took a dump on me this weekend. I'm sizing out my solar setup and I think i'm calculating my TV incorrectly @10.14 Amps, or an estimated 50AH usage per day. That includes an assumption of 85% efficiency for a inverter to power it. Is that how you set your TV up or was it 12v? I'm unable to see the picture of the one from Amazon..
  11. Thanks! Atwood 7916 vented. Perimeter lighting is the LED light strips off Amazon the link is below. To install it i routed a groove in the trim around the ceiling and just stuck the lighting in there using the adhesive backing. You will need to add some sort of fastener every 3 feet or so. The adhesive doesn't stick too well over the longer distances. https://www.amazon.com/Water-resistance-Waterproof-Flexible-Cuttable-Lighting/dp/B01HRKVG7Q/ref=sr_1_17?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1515005094&sr=1-17&keywords=led+strip+lights
  12. What is everyone's thoughts on generator brand to run? I had a buddies 2000W Honda last week and it worked awesome. I run an on-board charger, Coffee maker and TV at most off the 120V. Has anyone tried doing a wind turbine or anything not fueled buy gas?
  13. We had 18" by trappers landing. I think they're saying they have 20-22" now. I heard it's been slow for everyone, hopefully it picks back up!
  14. Had her out on the maiden voyage this last week. Spent 5 days out on Leech it was a great trip! With the temps dipping to -30 the insulation was put to the test and worked really well. I'm going to be out again this weekend in Walker Bay. If you see me stop by for a beer!
  15. Mine is forced air 16,000 BTU's. It draws 2.5 amps and has a pretty significant battery life running on my 2 Resolute 100 AH battery's. Had it out this last week and at -30 the heater ran pretty consistently all night on the battery. I did the math at one point and I think i figured I would have around 30 hours of run time. There are a ton of factors that play into battery life so at best that is a VERY rough estimate.
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