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  1. Jackfish Piper Cub

    Underwater lake trout strikes video

  2. Jackfish Piper Cub

    Deals on parkas n bibs

    Sport's Show is a great place. I purchased the grey Frabil for under $200.00 But that was 5 years ago
  3. Jackfish Piper Cub

    1st Shotgun

    If he's a Browing guy, Maxus Ultimate/Maxus Hunter for a beautiful Semi. if you plan on doing more Pheasants, perfect gun.
  4. Jackfish Piper Cub

    60th Birthday gift idea

    Whenever you can get hunting AND fishing in one trip is always top notch! Good luck! and Happy Birthday
  5. Jackfish Piper Cub

    "Rough" Grouse

    Made it up Thursday night on Rainy. Went out first thing Friday morning on the Arrowhead Trail. It was a hot one! Kicked up 2 birds, the first would have been an easy first bird for the year if i hadn't been wiping the sweat off my face. Second bird had held it's ground and flushed well behind me. Heard no Dumming. Friday night was the Ruffed Grouse Society banquet on the Ash River. Prime-Rib was good. About all to say on the banquet. Saturday headed West on 11 and walked the RGS management trail along the Rainy River. Got one early, walked the loop flushed another. Quick miss. Came back and fished 8-mile and landed handfuls of cigars. Nothing worth bringing back. Jig n Minnow. Sunday morning, nothing. Came in at noon, watched the Vikes. Headed home. Grouse season's still early. Upcoming weeks should produce more birds! Good Luck Ya'LL
  6. Jackfish Piper Cub

    2017 Grouse Survey Is Out

    Gonna be a good one!