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  1. bassman222

    keeping lakers

    From the lakes you mentioned 1.5-4lbs...
  2. bassman222

    Resorts offering Darkhouse spearing

    Little Winnie Resort does, houses are out and they are spearing fish!
  3. I think people refer to the total # of birds killed on all hunts they participated in.
  4. bassman222

    Divers around?

    Sorry DanZ, Winni is locked and Walker bay is that remains open on Leech.....
  5. bassman222

    2008 Waterfowl Photos!

    A few hunts from the season so far....
  6. I go out a little bit of everywhere....
  7. Just the small and/or shallow lakes, still plenty of options to drop a boat in.
  8. bassman222

    spearing opener in nov?

    I am confused like a few others.....why all the complaining??? It is open 2 weeks earlier than normal, who cares if there is not typically safe ice by the 15th? At least I will mostly likely never be angling out of my spear house prior to the 1st of Dec.
  9. bassman222

    Flooded Corn

    It's fine. Water can come to the corn, but you can't bring corn to the water.
  10. It birds are moving around consistently and we only need a few more birds, we wait it out. But on the days that you know pretty early on that is gonna be bad I figure my time is better spent finding birds so you don't have look at empty skies again.
  11. Your best bet for success is get out and look, go see the birds yourself and then hunt. Get a county map to find accesses on the lakes(you can pick one up most anywhere). It is pointless to rely upon duck reports, you will always be a day late and a dollar short. Good luck.
  12. bassman222


    Not anymore.........