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  1. I am off this Friday and have Mon, Tue, Wed off next week. We will travel Friday early and set up camp. Come back Tue late. Wed is a nice buffer day before going back to work. We also cut deer that day.
  2. Right now hunting for me means 5 days spent with three of my best friends. We are all either 29 or thirty and 3 of us have been friends for over 20 years. Three of the 4 are married with children and do not get to spend as much time together as we did years past. Deer hunting is the only time of the year that we all make a point to be there. The area we hunt is limitless in possiblities. We have 40 private acres with thousands of state on three sides. We all have our main stands, but are almost always sure to try a new place every year. The comforts are few but the comradere is limitless. Friday can not get here fast enough. One more thing about our place. Thanks to help from BL Bass we got some plots in this year. We do not have a lot of growth yet, but the potential is there and the excitement is high.
  3. The best I have used are the dry mixes.. I have a meat grinder so I grind the meat and fold in the dry mix with a minimul amount of water. (directions on the box) Then I let it sit overnight and shoot it onto the dehydrator with my jerky gun. VERY GOOD.
  4. NW Metro.. Me .. Me .. Me.. and the rest of the party of course. Can not go wrong. Easy to do save lots of $$ and you know you are getting your own meat. I am going to start making our own sausage too. If you havent tried butchering your own.. You should.
  5. I have also always hung the deer by the neck/antlers. I find skinning and quartering very easy this way. I can have one skun and quartered in about 15 minutes.
  6. In 97 I was hunting near a town called Henning which is in Ottertail county. I shot a small doe the first evening of second weekend and while tracking her (in the snow) noticed a few spots of blue snow. It looked like someone poured winsheild washer fluid in the snow. We stopped at a bar that night and I found out 2 of the other members of our party had seen the same thing. The deer were [PoorWordUsage]ing blue!! We were really shocked when a couple other hunters in the bar let us know they saw the same thing!! First and last time I ever saw bright blue deer [PoorWordUsage]!!
  7. Nice stand.. We have a really nice one for the old fart of our party.. I got a hold of some pre-made wooden stairs from my work. They go up about 6 feet. We made roofed box stand with windows for the old guy. It is about 7 feet off the ground with a 4' wide railed stairway leading up. Nice..
  8. Two years ago I hunted on a new clear cut. I think it was a couple months old by rifle season. It is a large cut in a rectangular shape about 200yds wide and 4-500 yds long. The first year I saw several deer and took one doe. Last year I saw several more deer and took another doe. This year I scouted the area. Much of the cut has quarter sized trees. I counted over 25 rubs around the perimeter of the cut. I never even went in the middle, but I imagine there are more in there. Hope to see something nice there this year!!
  9. Are we going to have white stuff on the ground by next Saturday? I see the extended forcast for the Grand Rapids area has 30% chance on Tue,Wed, and Thur of next week. Would be nice.
  10. jbdragon

    First Gun?

    I first had a daisy pump pellet/bb gun.. Don't remember which model. The first gun I used Deer hunting was a 250-3000 Savage bolt made in 1919. My Dad got it from his Dad. That thing barely has a front sight pin left. I got two deer with it my first year (buck and doe) and got another buck with it my second year. The first gun I owned myself was a Model 70 Winchester 270. That is still the rifle I use hunting deer.
  11. Huh .. Hua.. ummmm .. Coring the bungholio!! Many people like to cut the deers anus out wich (if cored all the way in) will allow for the intestine and anus to be pulled out along with the guts.
  12. The first thing I do once I've removed the nuts or milk sac is to split the pelvis bone. I use a buck knife with a heavy 4" fixed blade. I have always done this. There is a small seam in the center of the bone which (if found) makes splitting much easier. I can split the bone with a knife without getting into the intestine. I then core the intestine out with the pelvis split. I just think it makes it much quicker. It usually only takes me about 10 or 15 minutes if I have nothing wierd happen.
  13. About half our group usually heads out around 9AM on Friday. We make a slow 4-5 hour trek nort and maybe stop for lunch somewhere. Get to camp and start setting up (unpacking, organizing supplies, loading firewood, getting water, clearing any snow). Once camp is straight we will have some dinner, drink a few beers and play cards awaiting everyones arrival. Then we all lay in bed awake all night waiting for the watch alarms to go off!!
  14. I will have to give props to Setterguys dog. On her first time out this year, I can honestly say she is probably the best dog I have ever hunted over. She locked some birds down tight in tough conditions. I was Very impressed. Hope to find one just like her!!
  15. After two kids in the last 4 years I have lots of those "name" books laying around. I am gonna try getting a bird dog next spring and have already begun thinking of names. I have been going through those books. You could come up with something easily in one. There are a lot of abnormal names which would work very well for a dog. lol Good for a dog, bad for a kid.
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