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  1. Very cool! Glad you two had a good time!
  2. Does this help find good spot for ice fishing?
  3. Thank you. I have been thinking about downloading this app for ice fishing.
  4. Thanks, this place has a great price too. Just wish they had more on their page.
  5. Thank you for the insight on the fishing. I've heard some pretty good things about the bays in tbat area. Are there a ton of boats in that area?
  6. Has anyone been to this resort? I am looking for a new place to go for a trip in June. I have heard pretty good things about the fishing and the lodge but have only spoke to one person with first hand knowledge. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bryan
  7. Thanks I will check hem out!
  8. What is a good custom rods to be looking at? What do you guys use? Mostly panfish for me. I use a 27" Tickle stick now paired with a president and love it, but I want to try a custom rod. Any suggestions?
  9. Unfortunately I'm in Central Iowa.
  10. Clear Lake YBB is this coming weekend. I will be giving it a shot for the first time. Looks like a really cool event. Who else will be there? Bryan
  11. Yes. I would pay the cost of course
  12. I need it pretty fast. Would need it by this Friday.
  13. Anyone want to sell an entry level unit?
  14. Absolutely, it is crazy how they can take over. Everyone I catch is always taken out. Anyone as fishing in this event?
  15. I will take them all. Took a few out yesterday as well. They are actually very good eating.
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