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  1. DougSD

    Hd Direct tv in a Fishhouse

    Yeah you can get the elevation and azimuth from the internet for the zip code you will be at, which doesn't change a lot unless you were going quite a ways away. Then it is just the east west adjustment. The slimline are bigger but more awkward than anything. I don't use the support rods. I just tighten it down real tight.
  2. DougSD

    Hd Direct tv in a Fishhouse

    Hawg, I have used the slimline 3 with HD for at least 5 years now. I have a signal meter, but never use it. If I can find south, I can get signal within minutes. I have a dish at my camper and also use in fish house in winter. The only time I have trouble is when I am somewhere not real familiar with and get a little mixed up on directions (Upper Red Lake-from SE SD). I always have a compass with me so I use that always when I am pointing the dish. Start with straight south and fine tune from there. Hope this helps.
  3. DougSD

    CORE-ICE House

    Still better than working!
  4. DougSD

    CORE-ICE House

    Good points. When it comes down to it, I have a hard time justifying spending that kind of money on something I hope we are able to use 3 months out of a year.
  5. DougSD

    CORE-ICE House

    Seems like we haven't had to deal with snow much. When it does snow--the wind blows it off the ice.
  6. DougSD

    CORE-ICE House

    The wife and I have looked at many fish houses over the years. After seeing the Core-Ice she said that is the type of house we need. Can someone tell me if I am off on this or not as we do not have any experience with the small aluminum skid houses, being a skid house once on the lake, it would be really easy to move spots behind the 4 wheeler correct? Basically reel up your line, put the hole cover on, fire up the wheeler and off to next spot. We thought we liked the idea of the ridgeline wheel houses but after hearing that some are having problems hauling their 4 wheeler inside, eliminates that house. As another option to the Core-Ice would be to just get a skid house, and a trailer to haul both the skid and 4 wheeler and have a little extra load and unload work and time. Would there be a time when you would not like to have a skid house when moving around on the lake?