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  1. 2007 Mercury Verado 275 4-Stroke (875 hours) 2007 Mercury 9.9 4-Stroke Two Gas tanks (one for each motor) 6 Seats (5 regular with pedestal - 2 air rides, 1 butt seat with pedestal) 6 RAM mount rod Holders 4 cup removable cup holders Original Tracker Travel Cover (ratchet style) 3 bank and 2 bank on-board chargers 36v MotoGuide Trolling Motor with foot pedal Lowrance electronics for console and front of boat with GPS AM/FM/CD player with aux input for an MP3 player 5 Batteries (3 for the bow mount) (2 for the electronics/main motor). Lowrance Marine radio with 4' VHF Mar
  2. I have the chance to buy one or the other for about the same price. Both are brand new. Anybody used either one of them? One better then the other? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. My vote would have to be Slap Shot, Go Chiefs. "Tell Detroit Bull!#$*" Tight Lines
  4. OK, I think we have this one cleared up. Now, does anyone know the answer to this one. I have my MDNR # on my portables, however this year it was my buddies turn to buy the shelter tags. Do the number have to match. Meaning this year our shelter tag MDNR # is not the same as the one on the side. I know in the future, I will just buy the tags and he can pay me when it is his turn to buy. Tight Lines.
  5. So if I understand some of the posts here, you can use only your MDNR# on the side of your portable. In regards to vague, I had an english instructor read the verbage and he said the way it is written is that you need your: 1. Name 2. Address (which would include city) 3. Driver Lic. # OR MDNR# This makes for a big sign on a little portable.
  6. Matt What is the reason for not bringing your scout to LOW?
  7. Anybody used a Scout on LOW, how well does it work in the stained water in the winter/summer.
  8. Thanks everybody. I have an older FL 8 without IR. So I guess this justifies it I either have to get a newer unit, or tell my buddy he can no longer fish with me. Now, what to get an FL 18 or a LX 3. Hummmm! Tight Lines
  9. Hello All My buddy just got a LX 3 and I have an FL 8. We were sitting in the same Ice (8x8) house, he has a control to eliminate my sonar on his flasher, however his LX 3 clutters up my FL 8. Anyway around this, other than moving further apart? Thanks.
  10. Dave, I to would like to give them a try. Cor
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