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  1. Greenbackhunter

    Lake Winnipeg Lower Basin And Red River Is Now Mapped.

    Yes. The local bird rep told us at the ice show that the south basin is to be mapped this year. The red has already been mapped and is available for birds.
  2. A local company here, AEM mapping, has completed mapping the lower basin of lake winnipeg, from winnipeg beach across to the east side, and down to the mouth of the red river. The lower red river from Lockport to the mouth has also been mapped. The structure they found, and the detail is astounding and will be a game changer, especially for folks coming up and have a limited amount of time to fish. The red is available through hummingbird right now, the AEM maps chips of the red and lake winnipeg are compatable with lowrance units only. A full list of compatable units can be found on their site. Chips will be available mid December, pricing will be announced shortly.
  3. Greenbackhunter

    Extra Gas ?

    No one will ask.
  4. Greenbackhunter

    Fish with a lamprey attached to it

    All four species of lamprey are protected in Manitoba. They are not to be destroyed, and are not invasive. Kill all the carp you want... those are invasive and destructive.
  5. Greenbackhunter

    Winnipeg 2017

    The fm walleye club and our sister club had our fishing weekend. Good numbers coming through, deeper water seems to be the ticket. More neutral presentation. The barometric pressure has been on a roller coaster last three weeks. Ice is moving pretty good. Lots of front end damage happening to the " I can make it" crowd.
  6. Greenbackhunter

    Ez Ducer?

    Cough, cough... drill a second hole?
  7. Greenbackhunter

    Greenback Slaughter...sad, but true.

    Things need to change, I absolutely agree. But until all parties are willing to sit at the table and do what's best for the fishery, nothing will change. For example... the marketing board they sell their fish to has set the highest prices for jumbos now. So naturally they are going to target big fish. It's piss poor management and government control.
  8. Greenbackhunter

    Greenback Slaughter...sad, but true.

    Research the facts. 12 million pounds are harvested annually. Been that way since the 20's. But hey, if you feel this little snippet means the end of life as we know it, your wrong.
  9. Greenbackhunter

    Auger mount for atv

    Yep. My friend has refined this design. His thinking is he would rather have his gear in front of him . If he's going to loose something, at least he can see it fall off.
  10. Greenbackhunter

    Auger mount for atv

    Yes it is. I don't have the rod holders installed in this picture, but it holds 6 rods. Come march on lake Winnipeg, we are self contained on the quads. No shacks. This quad is my dedicated ice machine, so I mounted the light bar on the box. Best 30 bucks I ever spent. Here's a picture of my friends quad, fully decked out.
  11. Greenbackhunter

    Winnipeg 2017

    There are a lot of factors going on. The north basin of the lake has had a 100% crash of the rainbow smelt. That is the primary food source for the north basin fish. Those fatty baitfish are why they grow so big so fast. All the eater size eyes have moved into the south basin to feed on shiners. There has been a huge biomass of fish migrating south. Commercial harvest is a major factor. Zebra mussels have to have an impact as well. Not to mention the normal ups and downs of the natural cycle. Are the best days of the lake behind it? Hard to say. Is it changing? Definitely. The last 6 weeks of the ice season will be a good tell.
  12. Greenbackhunter

    Auger mount for atv

    Our lake is punishing on equipment, for sure. A good friend built these for our quads, they are solid and protect your gear.