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  1. I would say the stiff 6 or Dewalt special have good chances
  2. Good picking Mnfishing guy. If you put $5 in Vegas on those three in that order you would be fishing everyday for the rest of your life. That's awesome. Zimm
  3. Don't ask me if he has a personality, ask the 1,487,512 people who voted for him last year for most popular driver. Did I forget to mention this is the second year in a row he has won the award! I'm out.
  4. Because he has a personality!!! Enough said. He can relate to the common folk with a cold beer. My $.02
  5. I will have to agree with that!!!!!
  6. I feel bad for Jimmy Johnson after being taken out. The damage didn't look too bad on the car, but what do I know. I think it will be a great shoot-out on Sunday. I nice to see some different drivers in the race that usually wouldn't be. These are the guys I worry about running that close together. I will have to listen to it on the radio, because I will be sitting on Red. Zimm
  7. DEI is looking tough after finishing 1-2 in the first 125. I think everyone else should be nervous. Zimm
  8. The #8 will win, but wouldn't mind to see the #88 on top. Dale Jarrett needs to get off to a good start after his poor season last year. Zimm
  9. Would like to see the #17, but the darkhorse for me would be the #29. Anyone but the #97 is fine with me. Zimm
  10. Just got the information on our Nascar Fantasy Draft. We do it before the "Bud Shootout". Can't wait. Anyone else drafing yet, or finished? Zimm #17 #8
  11. Matt, Thanks for the reply. It is a natural lake and has no trout in it. I know nice crappies are in there because people catch them in the shallows in early spring. I can think of one nice shelf in there that I am going to try tonight after work. I will repot back in the morning and post my results. Thanks Again. Zimm
  12. Just wondering about some ideas on where to find the Crappies in a deep lake. The lake is around 100 feet deep, with the majority of the water in the 30 foot range. It is only about 125 acres, but I can't find them anywere. The lake drop straight down all the way around the lake. I have worked sunken islands, and off the breaks where we find fish in the summertime. Any thoughts. Zimm
  13. One other option if your looking to catch northerns is to put on a norhland rattle tube. It slips over your hook. You can find them anywhere. I would also put on a big sucker or shinner and let him do the work for you. This has worked for us when we river fish for gators and I think it may work in your situation as well. Good Luck. Zimm
  14. Hunted around Springfield and Lamberton on Saturday. Our group ended up with 17. On Sunday in the wind we got 5 but only hunted the morning. We were around Olivia. All on private land. There are plenty of birds around and found them bunched up in cattails and willow patches. I am waiting for the snow and things will really heat up. Zimm
  15. It should be a great weekend with the new snow in Southern Mn. Welcome MN Mike to the hunting page. I think you will be hooked like the rest of us. With the snowfall the catails and heavy cover should be good again. I was shocked last weekend to find the hens sitting so tight. The dogs caught them on the ground. It is so funny when we let them go and the dogs look at you like "What the he11 are you doing, I worked hard for that." I will report on Monday. I am only hunting Sat this weekend. Good Luck to all. Zimm
  16. Had a good weekend 12-6-03. 4 guys 3 dogs and done in 5 hours Sat. Sun. 11 guys 6 dogs and done in 7 hours. All private land in SW Minn. Going back for the last weekend. How did everyone else do. We concentrated on the thick cover and willow patches. Zimm
  17. Shorthair guy, I understand what your going through, but there is a lot of hope. I had the same problem with my lab, only she cut it on an ice auger blade and cut half of her back pad off. the blood was everywhere and I was nervous as he11! I did get her into the vet right away and he told me that stiches wouldn't hold which in your case was true. All we did was clean the pad really really really good and put on some healing ointment. We wrapped her foot with some elastic sticky wrap and it stayed really good for about 3 days. The wrap can be found in the pharmacy section of any drug store. Put the sticky side towards the fur, but make sure you have a gauze pad under to cut. This will help the healing and won't pull off the scab when you change wraps. The good news is the healing only took about 2 weeks, the bad news is the Minn. season is over then. I would like to hear how things turn out. Good Luck. No Worries. Zimm
  18. I would love to try them. Zimm
  19. Zimm

    Deadstick Tip!

    Here is a quick tip for people that miss fish using their deadstick. When I cut my three holes to fish from I put them straight across in a line. I use the middle hole for my vex. I hold my rod in my right hand and reel with my left. Always jig in the hole farthest to the left and leave the deadstick on the right hole. It is a lot easier to set the hook quickly and the reel is right there for you. If you reel right handed and hold the rod in your left hand then jig in the right hole and dead stick the left. Maybe everyone already knows this but I thought it may come in handy for someone. Good Luck. Zimm
  20. Wow- I just looked at the front page of the Star and Tribune (10-24-03) and saw the article about all the dogs that died over the weekend in South Dakota. They guessed it at over 100 dogs. I don't know how to put the article up here so if someone can help me out it would be appreciated. I don't know what I would do without my hunting partner. Keep your dogs cool, take breaks often, and make sure they don't stay in a hot kennel in the back of vehicles for an extended period of time. I think the weather will help us out by the looks of the forcast. Bring on the cold. It is fun to relax in the field for a few minutes and tell stories, B.S., and remind your hunting partners about the one they just missed. Good luck this weekend and take care of your partner. Zimm
  21. Zimm

    Oil mixture

    I just picked up an old (78) evinrude 25 horse and was wondering what mixture everyone uses. I don't want to replace plugs all fall when I am duck hunting. Thanks. Zimm
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