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  1. I just registered my last week. you don't need a weigh slip but you need to know how much it weighs empty and what the gvw is. There are two spots on the homemade trailer sheet for those two numbers.
  2. I think your GVW has to be 3000 lbs or less to get a lifetime license.
  3. That is true. i brought my to local recycling place and used their scale cost me 5 bucks to use it. My 6' 4" x 12" with a 3' ft weighed in at 2100 lbs
  4. You need to go to the dmv and register it as a homemade trailer.
  5. bken

    Tow ski

    What tow ski do you guys recommend for fish house?
  6. no i haven't finished the inside yet
  7. I wouldn't think you could save the rubber roofing. See if you could heat it up with a heat gun and pull it up.
  8. also do you guys just butt your diamond plate pieces or do you guys overlap too.
  9. you can get that stuff a lot cheaper off hsolist
  10. I am going to be screwing my aluminum sheets to my outside of my fish house. What would be a good over lap for my seams?
  11. bken

    Diamond plate

    what thickness is your diamond plate?
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