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  1. Electrical Jesus

    Horizontal aluminum panels

    Currently have a couple empires. Most likely toss one of them in. If I go with a furnace I'll use a small plug in step down transformer 120v AC to 12DC. They are cheap as hell basically an oversized cellphone charger.
  2. Electrical Jesus

    Horizontal aluminum panels

    Definitely not European. I don't see a need for having 12v.
  3. Electrical Jesus

    Horizontal aluminum panels

    Yeah full blown electrician. I've been creepin on everyone's builds. I think I'm going to take a differen route for wiring mine than the typical 12v and 120v systems guys are putting in. I'll throw my build thread up once I pick up my trailer.
  4. Electrical Jesus

    Horizontal aluminum panels

    Hey guys I'm spending tonight buying everything from an oven to doors to windows for a spring time ice shack build. I have an order in for a 14' miltona drop down trailer. Here's my question... what would be the reason everyone runs their exterior aluminum paneling vertically? As far as water shedding wouldn't horizontal make more sense? I sure there is a reason just looking for advice...