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  1. jjdubsoutdoors

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    Sorry guys didn't realize posting a video would cause such a controversy! . Anyways, yes, isolated cover has been what has seemed to work great for me, especially on pressured lakes. As far as catching bass goes, it's what I target 90% of the time in summer simply because I love the fight! Spring and winter I mostly target walleye then.
  2. I've caught a lot of big bass on spinnerbaits over the years and I wanted to share one simple tip that is often overlooked when fishing spinnerbaits or really any bait in general when targeting big bass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-PDaV8byhw
  3. jjdubsoutdoors

    Giant Walleye on 3# test line

    We headed out to Petenwell Lake, WI with the goal of getting at least one big slot walleye. One buddy I brought along had never fished on Petenwell before. We did have some success with decent action on Finicky Fooler Tip ups with some smaller walleyes and one keeper plus a giant crappie during most of the day. The best part of ice fishing is it's always full of surprises. I kept telling my buddy's that we were still going to get that slot fish we were after. Wasn't until we were packing up and we had one more tip up to grab that the fight was on, and we knew it was a big one. Watching it get pulled out on 3# test was even better! Couldn't have ended the day better, and that's the best part about ice fishing!
  4. jjdubsoutdoors

    Huge carp through the ice

    Hit the ice on the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir in Wisconsin to try to catch a few walleye before dark. We did manage to catch a few and I ended up hooking into a fish that I thought was going to be a 10#+ walleye. Head shakes, peeling out drag, and finally got it close to the hole and here it was a huge carp. I had tried to target carp while ice fishing multiple times last winter and did not have any success. Tried corn on tip ups and small jigs with wax worms but did not even get a bite. It sure was a fun fight but there was definitely some disappointment when it wasn't a 10# walleye like I thought. First time I had ever caught a carp through the ice, wasn't expecting that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCKrQbppyGI
  5. Hooked up with the Finicky Fooler owner and creator Tom to do some ice fishing for walleye on Petenwell Lake in central Wisconsin. We managed to catch a few jigging and and also a few on the Finicky Fooler tip ups including a nice slot walleye! Ice fishing walleye can be tough at times but I am glad we ended up getting into a few fish. We moved 3 times before we finally found some active fish away from some crowds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8dRlwxKVTI&t=1s
  6. Ice fishing in Wisconsin can be a challenge at times. Catching walleyes is not always an easy task either. We had some crazy weather leading up to this weekend, it was -20 degrees for a solid week and a half, followed by 2-3 days of mid 30s and pushing 40 plus some rain, then we went right back down to -20 degrees. This made for a challenge fishing tip ups this morning. I’ve got some new hole covers for my Finicky Foolers, which do work great as I’ve used them before, but unfortunately with no snow cover I made the mistake of not setting them right away and forming slush to the cover. Lesson learned. I did get a bit lucky catching that walleye as I thought it would have dropped the minnow with the line being froze. The first fish I caught was definitely a surprise, a species I have never caught through the ice before, although I have heard they are fairly common to catch out on this lake. Still was hoping it was a giant walleye, but fun nonetheless! With the cold we weren’t really planning on moving much. We would mark fish every 10 minutes or so but many of them were tight lipped. We did manage a couple more fish jigging, which were some good sized crappie and perch! Overall I did end up accomplishing the goal of catching a slot walleye out here, so can’t complain. I will be out on Petenwell Lake more times this winter!
  7. -16 below air temp, got out on Lake Wazee near Black River Falls, WI to ice fish some brown and rainbow trout. It's an absolute blast fishing trout through the ice on this lake. Water is super clear, gets over 350 feet deep, and even the smaller trout put up a good fight. I caught all of the browns and rainbows on a white swedish pimple. I did try a ripping rap for a little bit and did have one hit on it. Also had one flag with a tip up on a shiner, but missed it.
  8. jjdubsoutdoors

    Mississippi River Big Pike

    Hit up the Mississippi River searching for giant pike. Although we didn't catch the monsters we were after, we did manage a few solid 30"+. Had constant action all day, think we had well over 25-30 flags and landed over 20 total. Ice fishing with tip ups is a blast, even more fun when you can use a rod and reel like I was using with Finicky Foolers. These things work great for pike, walleye, crappie, perch; basically anything that swims! www.finickyfooler.com
  9. jjdubsoutdoors

    Hot Panfish Bite in -20 Weather!

    Yeah, I can't complain! It was fun. Thanks for watching.
  10. jjdubsoutdoors

    Hot Panfish Bite in -20 Weather!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e35zEeSEtwA -20 actual air temp, decided to hit the ice with my brother-in-law for the morning and chase after some panfish. Ended up having a great morning ice fishing, caught well over 50 panfish and ended up taking home 16 eater crappie. Type of jig didn't seem to matter too much, any type of smaller jig or color 3-4 mm tipped with a spike, waxie, or plastic seemed to produce fish. Even tried out the famous Bratner Wonderbread jigs. Seemed to work well but the size I had was just a tick too big. Watch out for my next video, we hit up the Mississippi River recently and had over 30 flags in a day including a few really nice solid pike.
  11. Had a great morning out chasing flags with some Automatic Fisherman out and some Finicky Foolers. Had about 15 flags total. Here's a video of the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC8I07M_lg4
  12. jjdubsoutdoors

    Pike and Bass Strikes from the Drone!

    Hooked up with Kyle AKA Wisconsin Fisherman to do some pike and bass fishing in northern WI. Caught a few snakes and some decent bass and Kyle ended up hooking into and catching a nice, thick 30" pike. Had a great time out in the boat and got some awesome drone footage!
  13. jjdubsoutdoors

    Big Bass Starting to put on the Feed Sac!

    Fall bass are just about getting ready to start putting on the feed sac! Hit up a local lake to do some kayak fishing the last two weekends and had some good success. First day I caught a variety of sizes of bass on jigs, frogs, and spinnerbaits including one pig and even a bluegill on a spinnerbait! The next weekend was a bit tougher conditions. Followed a cold front, wind picked up, and overall water temp was down about 12 degrees. Managed a few small bass early, and ended up catching a slob on a spinnerbait right before I was going to leave. The bass only get bigger from here on out. Get out and chase some big fall bass. What's the weirdest thing you've ever caught on a spinnerbait? Drop a comment below.
  14. jjdubsoutdoors

    Devil's Lake North Dakota Trip Day Two

    Footage from our second day at Devils Lake North Dakota. Conditions were a bit tougher than the day before. Cooled down quite a bit and the wind picked up more. Unfortunately after the first hour or so, we ended up breaking off the trolling motor on a rock pile, but have to give a lot of credit to our guide Pete Harsh for still getting us on some nice walleye while trolling with crankbaits instead. Overall it was a great trip and everyone had a great time! Check out footage from the first day if you haven't!
  15. jjdubsoutdoors

    Devil's Lake North Dakota Trip Day one

    Traveled to Devil's Lake North Dakota from Central Wisconsin with the group of guys I work with. We stayed at Woodland Resort and hooked up with Mitchell's Guide Service. The first day I had Steve Dahl aka Zippy as my guide and he was excellent! The fishing conditions were a bit tough but we managed to get our limit of walleye and one giant pike trolling bottom bouncers with spinners and crawlers. Stay tuned for footage from the second day where Legendary Walleye Tournament angler Pete Harsh is my guide! I would highly recommend Mitchell's Guide Service and Woodland Resort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5MRZS9Ju-4