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  1. Thanks Rebel, very good answer. I've been keeping track of the pressure for a week, now.
  2. Is it true, the lower the pressure, the bite gets hot? Or the higher the barometric pressure the fish slow down on biting?
  3. wasssit

    Moon Tag

    Wondering if a full moon or a new moon makes a different of making the fish bite? Or doesn't the moon play part of making the fish active?
  4. wouldn't ceder mulch work?
  5. This morning i took my pups down to the lake and swim with them for awhile, they like it but they also like to find dead fish on the sand. One even jump off the dock, lol. I gave them a treat after that and brush them good, lots of hair coming off.
  6. racquetball balls work, they get slippery when wet and they bounce so high. My dogs haven't chew threw them...yet
  7. I just strap my 2 dogs in front of the truck and put the dog food just enough in front of them to get me unstuck.
  8. gotta have radio, so i can listen to the vikings play. 1. all the fish, goes to one person, next time it goes to someone else. 2. bull**** stories are aloud. 3. [PoorWordUsage] faaarrr away from the house, when done check the tip-up, before coming in. 4. who ever sits by the door is the beer~man. 5. pick up after yourself.
  9. YES, please put up a few signs, so, guys like me can avoid them. Mans best friend gets killed, poor pup.
  10. buy the big roll of reflectix. I use it just on the inside top, going over the suport polls and let it hang down a few inches. 10 to 15 degrees warmer with it on. 1st i set up the house than slide refectix over the polls. then when i'm done i roll it back up and trough it in the back seat of my truck. the stuff never gets in my way. one of the best and easiset way to insulate. if you do have to tape any parts of it, do it in a warm house, some, cold tape doesn't want to stick very good.
  11. yep, my jiffy can sure has taken a beating. I've only sharpen that chiper blade twice and it needs it again, soon. I like the older jiffy's. If i had to buy a new one i would look at all the brands and find the one that would work for me. It would be fun and make one with a chainsaw motor, i think, lol.
  12. I bought a model 30 jiffy long ago and i had really good luck with it. Never had a strikemaster.
  13. Now, is the best time to fish. Nobody out there but your freinds and B.S. most of the time. Good Times.
  14. when it gets cold outside my truck heater fan makes squeaking noise and after the truck is warm up it still squeaks. Is there anyway i can fix that?
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