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  1. I've had a couple American Angler but totaled the last one out filleting 30 lb carp for smoking. I didn't blame it though. Now I have a Rapala and have liked both of them very much. Exception is the handle part on the AA is awful thick and even though I have big hands the Rapala fits better. I put a Sabre blade on the American and really liked it as the blade was thinner and would like to do the same on the one I have now if it will fit.
  2. I've got a 05 450 Yamaha and does the trick. I run chains on the rear, its got Independant rear suspension, hi & lo automatic transmission and a front differential lock so all 4 can pull.
  3. OldBear

    Vex FL-18

    Mines 10 years old also and other than a new battery this year and a new transducer no problems which is the norm for them. I use the auto zoom no matter what the depth is as it magnifies everything. Can't go wrong.
  4. Mines like Musky Face Musky Face's.
  5. How come every year my body says I have to have thicker ice!!
  6. I didn't catch the answer. Are both needed for the larger LP tanks. I know the purpose of the filter is to catch the crud that comes off the hose as it deteriorates from the LP.
  7. And the hyfax will save the bottom of the sled.
  8. OldBear

    Tire Preasure

    I generally use 5 lb. but depends on where I ride it could be 3-8 lbs. l
  9. I don't quite understand it when the Govt. wants my AR but then the news tells me they can now drop a drone on some Americans head because they think he might be a terrorist. I think not..
  10. Slidin down hill rapidly and so is the country. Even China is telling us to disarm. Ya right.
  11. Since last Fridays events its went nuts plus the goverment working on a ban bill. Its hard to find an AR or alot of different ammos right now. I stocked up prior to the election.
  12. I'm another one for trying Slime in the mean time. Carry it on my 4 wheeler all the time. A new set of tires is worth prolonging it as long as possible.
  13. I'm kinda between P-line and Vanish in 2-4-6lb rigs. Hey Rod welcome aboard.
  14. I agree with the being a little light back there. What I did was find a scrap piece of flat metal and drilled a hole thru one end and put the pin of the kolpin hitch reciever through it and the upper end I drilled a couple holes and put a U clamp thru it and over a cross member under the seat to beef it up. I see some pretty heavy duty hitch recievers on some of the ones equipped from the factory. I figured it had to help. Maybe I should just take it to the welding shop and have a piece on each side welded on.
  15. Did you have any luck finding the problem. I'd engage and disengage the switch several times. Maybe something went screwey and it actually is engaged. I have a 05 Kodiak with it and I know if it is engaged it has a limit on the speed control when engaged thats why your 21 mph. Good luck.
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