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  1. CatManLee

    Creek Chubs

    i agree thar catching he bait is almost as fun as catching the fish!
  2. CatManLee

    Takes but no hook up?

    One more note on this just to keep you out of trouble...check to make sure treble hooks are allowed in Minnesota???? I haven't lived there for a couple of years, but it was illegal to use a treble hook when not part of an artificial lure. Good luck.
  3. CatManLee

    CATS Incredible 2009, Red River, East Grand Forks.

    I see you guys are way ahead of me...I thought the drawing was Tuesday, March 17th for some reason, so I wasn't even worried about it yet? Soooo, wooo hoooo! In again for another year. Yep Chris, I thought either you didn't enter this year or just didn't make it in, but then there was your name 2nd to last on the list, WOW that's cutting too close for comfort. Everyone else who's in, congratulations and I'll probably see you on the water sometime this summer or at the tournament. Sorry to those who didn't make it in. By the way, I decided to fish South this year, just to mix it up a bit. North has been alright, but I have done just as well in years past on the south side, so why not. What end is everyone else fishing...North or South? Talk to you guys later.
  4. CatManLee

    Gus Bus has at least 4 flat tires!

    I think Gus played fairly good in most of his appearances, He actually had a couple of pretty big days passing the ball, but if there's one thing I hate from a quarterback is getting picked off! Turn overs lose you games...It's just that simple! Gus just looked "OFF" on Sunday. I could tell after the first few passes of the game, it was gonna be a long one. On the picks his throws were way off target, not leading the receivers and throwing behind them, plus putting the ball on the ground in front of the receivers "Because he was worried about having the ball sail" and getting picked off again. He might not say it, but he lost his confidence early on. I don't know but after the second easy pick by the packers, I was hoping to see T-Jack again? If we are gonna have a quarter back throw picks and try to lose the game for us, it might as well be him! Without the turnovers, we would have or should have won that game easily and should have beat the bears too...no turnovers and we could be 6-3 or better? Shoulda woulda coulda! Hopefully Gus gets back in form for this weeks game at Tampa Bay...or it's gonna be painful to watch....oh, and go AD!
  5. CatManLee

    Allen Fined $50K

    Pretty soon they are gonna have a rule saying a player can only two-hand touch quaterbacks! Man that'll be fun... I can't believe how bad these calls are getting, some are good calls yes, but a lot of them are just plain dumb. Maybe they should switch from tackle football and go to a National flag football league, then we wouldn't have these issues? Ah yes, I can see it now "THE NFFL"...
  6. CatManLee

    Crappie catching tips?

    Thanks for the input guys, I was thinking a smaller crank pulled through the area would be the best approach too. I would go out and buy that crank tonight, but unfortunately I don't have any good tackle shops near by! I'm gonna try my best to match that bait though as closely as possible, heading back to the lake tomorrow...so we'll see what happens.
  7. CatManLee

    Crappie catching tips?

    O.K. here's my situation... I was out trolling for Walleye's last weekend on a local lake and instead of catching Walleye's I caught Crappies! This suprised me because I was trolling a cotton cordell Wally diver at 2.2mph-2.5mph, which is a pretty big crank bait for a Crappie to bite isn't it? Heck the bait was half the size of the fish I was catching. After catching one in a certain area, I would make a couple more passes and end up with another Crappie or two... I did try slowing things down and pitching a small jig with a plastic, but that only produced one Crappie after a lot of casting, so I went back to trolling the wally diver. I didn't catch loads and loads of Crappies, and the ones I did catch were just barely hooked on the back hook. Here's my question... When encountering this type of situation, what should my approach be? Should I buy some smaller crank baits and try pulling them through the same area, maybe at a slower speed? Plastics weren't doing much, so should I try jigging live minnows? What do you all think...I know there's a more productive approach, I just don't know what it is? One more thing...I was catching the Crappies out in the lake in 9ft of water no where near any type of structure or anything else that stood out to me. So there's nothing to key in on, just an area in the open water half way out on the lake and 9-11ft is about the deepest the lake gets. The only thing I do know for sure is that the fish were located within a foot or two of the bottom. O.K. I'm ready for input...
  8. CatManLee

    Worth the trade? '88 sled for canoe...

    I would trade, because you said the canoe is hardly used anymore and IMO opinion the snowmobile is worth more than your canoe. Around my area a guy can buy a used canoe for a couple hundred bucks or less, a sled even from the late 80's is gonna run you at least a few hundred. To me it's a good deal as long as the motor is in alright shape. 95 or newer why??? If it's just for putting around and ice fishing, you don't need great suspension, so it'll work fine for you. If you like to drive fast and trail ride A LOT, then yes maybe look at something much newer. Make a rack for the back, slap a hitch on it, and your good to go...and yes you can do all you need to make it dependable pretty easily. Carbs would be easy and fairly cheap to clean or rebuild, put new plugs in, fresh fuel, oil, lube everything up is more time consuming than money. And shocks...maybe a hundred bucks give or take, if they are even needed?? good luck on your decision.
  9. CatManLee

    90hp outboards

    I've owned two boats with 90hp outboards now, and I think it's a combination of things that make them so popular. I have a 2002 Crestliner Fish Hawk 1750 with a 90ph Yamaha 2 stroke on the back with a 15pitch prop and it performs very well. It'll get on plane instantly and will top out at 36-37mph @ 5500 RPMs with a full load going fishing. 1st in my opinion why you see a lot of them is performance...a 90hp outboard won't push a boat at breakneck speeds across a lake, but on most boats, say 16-17 foot models, it's good for a speed in the mid to upper 30's, even low 40's if the boats light and or propped for it. Of course different models, props, 2/4 stroke, etc will sway one way or another a little. 2nd I would say is the price factor...I myself for instance cannot afford a boat with a big outboard on it. The upfront costs of a new high HP outboard are way to high for me, plus the gas they use would drain my pocket book quicker each time out too. My 3 cylinder 90hp is lightweight and yea it does burn through a tank of gas quick enough, but I can assure you it's nothing compared to a 200hp outboard. 3rd...as far as I know they are a dependable motor in most cases at that HP, why I don't know, but I think or feel they are anyways...(JUST MY OPINION) I would say the 90hp and 115hp models are the most popular motors by far, again for the simple reasons I mentioned. Right or wrong...there's my opinion!!!
  10. CatManLee

    Really sad news... :(

    Sorry to hear...Sad news indeed! I had to put my dog down a few years ago due to cancer and it was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My dog lost control of his rear legs because of a tumor or something pressing on his spine. I had him in for the exam and he was sedated for it...after the diagnosis was made, since he was already half under, I decided to have him put to sleep on the spot. I hate myself for it still to this day! I really wish I would have waited and looked at every other option before deciding to put him to sleep. If I ever have to go through this again (I have 2 dogs now), I will spend what ever money is necessary to take care of the problem if possible...If it's not possible what so ever to fix, I'll do what has to be done. I guess what I'm trying to tell you, is to make sure it's what you want to do before doing it...because there's no going back after the decision is made...I live with my decision every day, and I'll probably always regret it...My dog wasn't really in pain though, as far as we could tell. SO circumstances might be different. I'll pray for you.
  11. Adrian Peterson is on the cover of the "October" issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine...If you haven't seen it, check it out...The guy is ripped.
  12. CatManLee

    Vikings Packers ?

    Minnesota Vikings 31 Green Bay Packers 10 The Vikings will win and put up some great numbers in the first game of the year...I also say the vikings get 11+ Wins this year, including a sweep of the Packers, Bears and Lions to easily win the division and go deep into the playoffs. GO VIKINGS!!!!
  13. Nothing special I guess, just wanted to share this picture of my Lab/Pointer mix playing "find the ball" in a field of long grass.
  14. CatManLee

    Mounting kicker on crestliner

    I have a regular long shaft kicker mounted on my 2002 Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk. My boat has the same transom design and the kicker motor is just barely long enough. It would be ideal to have a motor bracket that lowers off the back...or an extra long shaft outboard. My motor works fine when conditions are nice on the water, small chop is o.k., but if the waves are bigger, the motor will actually come out of the water when the boat is turned sideways in the waves...not fun or good for the motor either I'm sure. As for a steering arm, anything is possible. I have a steering arm I made for mine that works fine. It just depends on how creative you are. If you put a bracket on the back for lowering the motor, it'll be a bit tricker, but I know they make a very expensive set up that runs off the back of each motor that looks like it would work well.
  15. CatManLee

    Record Cat on Barbie Rod

    Amazing story for sure, That must have been a really fat Channel Cat though...It weighed 21lbs, but was only 32" inches long! WOW, that fish must have had a belly on it.