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  1. avidleech

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    I just had to wiggle mine back and forth. The tolerances are pretty tight so it is not hard to bind it up. You should not have to use much force at all. I agree the design is so stupid and high maintenance. My next one will probably be with a torsion axle. Did you buy this from a dealer?
  2. avidleech

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    I thought I would add some pictures. This is a 2013 frame from CW welding I believe. Yours might be a little different if it is from a different frame company. I started by blocking the house up and I removed the tire. The first time I ever did this their was almost no grease on the pivot at all. I bought this frame from a salvage auction after the house burned down. I am not sure if they did not grease it enough the first time or the grease got hot and ran out when the house burned down. This time when I took it off plenty of grease was still on the pivot and I could have got by another year without greasing it. You can see the bolt you need to remove on the outside of the pivot. Then cut the zip tie off to pull out the extra wire. The whole arm will then slide off if you leave slack in the cables. I put a floor jack under the hub to make it easier. Then clean everything up and grease it.
  3. avidleech

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    There should be a bolt running through the pivot point. It is on the outside of the pivot not under the frame. Just take out this bolt and slide the whole assembly off and clean it up then grease it. I would take the tire off to make it lighter then just put a floor jack under the hub to hold the weight and slide it off. You will have to put a lot of slack in the cables or just remove the pulley that attaches to the arm just above the leaf spring. The trailer brake wire has extra wire looped inside a tube on the arm. You can just cut the zip tie off and pull the excess wire out.
  4. avidleech

    Wheel house help!

    Moisture is likely condensing on the metal studs and being transferred to the paneling. Furring strips will probably be the best bet with metal studs. You can run them horizontal or vertical and then just attach the paneling to that. I personally wouldn't use a vapor barrier. Some guys do though.
  5. avidleech

    Fish House rv Build

    I didn't know those existed. I will give it a try. I was just using regular sand paper and was ready to quit after 15 minutes. I should have sprayed it before the wood was up. The sanding would have been a little easier at least.
  6. avidleech

    Fish House rv Build

    Did you have to sand in between coats of lacquer? I was going to use a pre catalyzed lacquer for a little more durability, but it seems like it would take forever to get in all of the grooves.
  7. avidleech

    2012 Fish House Build

    Not sure if you got rid of this house yet but, I was wondering if you have close up exterior pictures of the exhaust fan in the bathroom. I have pro rib siding run horizontally, do you think the exterior vent cover would still seal up decent? If you also know the brand of the fan that would be helpful I am having trouble locating this one.