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  1. Double D

    Wolf Lottery

    Well I didn't get drawn this year. Now I am all for the preference point system!! HaHa!! DD
  2. Double D

    Trolling with 5gal bucket

    I've used the buckets with holes for years, they work well for me. Just cut out that center bung part and it's just the right size. I use 2, that way you can go down to one if you need to. It's cheap, and usually you can find replacement parts right in the road ditch. DD
  3. Double D

    This is kind of ugly

    As for the first deer, that would make a great target if you want to try a neck shot. DD
  4. Double D

    Scoring guess?

    164 7/8 You can just mail my prize when its measured. DD
  5. Double D

    Gander Mtn...Brainerd, MN

    If you live outstate, some of the Running's stores are really expanding the outdoor lines. They have bought a couple different buildings to move into, mainly to improve the outdoor sales. Now, they are definitely not Cabelas or FF or GM, but if you need to pick up one or two items quick, they are a good option. DD
  6. Double D

    Big John

    My brother sold some pneumatic/hydraulic parts to the car about 20 years ago when the championships were just getting started. He spoke with Austin Coil at the time, said he was very nice guy. Never got any free Brainerd tickets, though. DD
  7. Double D

    Olympic Wrestling

    Very glad to see this return. I think the rest of the world spoke up about this, not just the US. I really enjoy watching high school and college wrestling, and am glad to see the athletes will have another level to strive for. Remember: Girls play volleyball, boys play basketball, men wrestle. DD
  8. Double D

    Ideas for a Bachelor Party needed

    If you want to stay out-state, just a recommendation that a party bus is well worth the money and not that expensive for a big group. They are usually accommodating and will go wherever and whenever you please. I know one of the local drivers, he says the best stories are actually from the bachelorette parties he drives, hands down. DD
  9. Double D

    Mn red clothing regs

    I've gone pants optional hunting once, it was really cold. DD
  10. Double D

    Wolf Lottery

    I got one too, keep the hints and tips coming. DD
  11. Double D

    Gun laws and personal records

    Go to mncourts dot gov Access the trial court records there. It has all the information you should need. Fun to check up on people you don't like, too!! DD
  12. Double D

    Throwing Carp on Shore to Die

    No you are not because when all is said and done there are too many and some of them have to go. DD
  13. Double D

    Did I over react?

    If you ever get the number tracked down, don't worry about hauling it over there. Haul your own over and return the favor, if you know what I mean. DD
  14. Double D

    Deadliest Catch

    For crying out loud, when I watched those parts with Elliot, I thought it was Real Housewives of Dutch Harbor. She dumped him 2 years ago and he still sends flowers every week did he say?!?! Get over it, boy. DD
  15. Double D

    Deadliest Catch

    So I didn't quite understand last night: Did Edgar really follow through with canning Jake A or not? DD