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  1. had a great weekend. On Saturday I got my brother on some really big pike. Using herring as bait. Here is the video of our day out.
  2. tomasz20

    Giant Fall lake trout

    A crazy 3 day trip where we catch 9 Trophy Lake trout. The trout were super shallow and in spawn mode. We caught the most trout on Williams Wobbler spoons. This was shot on October 6-8 on Gods lake at Elk Island Lodge, Canada, Manitoba. The biggest lake trout was 43.75 inches and approximately 37 pounds. Thank you for watching!! Subscribe and comment below if you liked the video.
  3. tomasz20

    Underwater Walleye strikes video

    haha totally cheating but its probably coming soon
  4. A video that shows how walleyes bite and behave.
  5. tomasz20

    Underwater lake trout strikes video

    Amazing point of view!! See how it looks like when lake trout bite your bait and how they fight underwater. It shows how a lake trout reacts to different speeds. We were trolling for lake trout using a variety of baits including bondy baits, spoons, divers and plugs.
  6. Amazing point of view!! See how it looks like when pike bite your spoon. It shows how a pike reacts to a spoon and to different speeds. We were casting for pike using a 2.5 inch lucky strike bait works half wave spoon. This was all shot at Elk Island Lodge on Gods Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Fishing for Pike on Gods Lake can be incredible. Trolling and casting work equally well. Thank you for watching !! Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for more Underwater strike videos of Lake trout. Camera Used: Water Wolf HD v1.1
  7. tomasz20

    Trophy brook trout

    Amazing views, and countless big brook trout over 20 inches
  8. caught my first fish with a lamprey on it and also got a 35 inch pike on a salamander.
  9. tomasz20

    Fish with a lamprey attached to it

    yeah this was a native lamprey. they don't kill the host fish only the invasive sea lampreys do.
  10. tomasz20

    Big pike on tip ups

    I have I have a good rod for pike fishing and have a few videos where I catch 20 lbs pike with my ice fishing rods.
  11. tomasz20

    Big pike on tip ups

    got 3 , 38 inch pike in one day
  12. tomasz20

    25 lbs trophy pike

    41 inch, 25 lbs pike caught on a tip up and quickstrike rig.
  13. tomasz20

    Big pike on tip ups

    one tip up 6 ft of water below the ice the other 8.5 ft , by creek mouth ,slack water
  14. tomasz20

    Lake Winnipeg walleye videos

    sorry for late reply !! hope your trip went well. We have done great this year amazing for numbers and always a few big ones.
  15. 3 different species of trout through a huge hole in the ice, great footage of strikes and the fish.
  16. tomasz20

    Deep water walleye

    Fishing in 22 feet , 25 with ice for hog lake winnipeg walleyes using a flasher and jigs and minnows.
  17. tomasz20

    Tiger trout

    wow are these fish ever beautiful, got a chance to catch 3 of them in a few hours.
  18. Went out first time this year on Lake Winnipeg, ice is 15 inches everywhere. Had a great day and made a video with tips on how I rig live minnows and catch big walleyes on Lake Winnipeg.