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  1. Mike Walerak

    Local Lure painting

    Joe Wilson down in Rollingstone is as good as they get but you will pay for it. I've had Joe do quite a few baits for me over the years.
  2. Mike Walerak

    Aquatic Invaders Summit

    If you have any questions or concerns on AIS. Here is your chance to become informed or tell the scientists how it really is. MN Lakes and Rivers AIS Summit
  3. Mike Walerak

    Line Counter reels.

    I mainly run all Diawa Sealines. I have 4 27's and 4 47's. I do have a couple Accudepths that I don't run very often. My past experience is that the actually counter part breaks on the Okuma's and the gears shell out on the Accudepths. I finally shelled out one of the Sealines this year after 10 years or so. Granted I do not troll nearly as much as I used to and my reels are a couple models behind but that is what I use. I bought the Accudepths to go on a couple of trolling rods I don't use unless I have 3 people in the boat which isn't very often so I figured I'd save a few bucks. Seems to be working so far. mw
  4. Mike Walerak

    walleye rods

    If you are looking for any of the Limit Creeks you can always contact me directly or order them straight from the HSOforum. If you are in South East MN you can try one of mine. I own 2 or 3 of every single model personally and have sold oodles of them to friends and family. That be known, I also own Scheels rods, G. Loomis, St. Croix, McGill Tony roach, and a whole bunch of others. I prefer the Limit Creeks day in day out. I am currently in the process of building a Batson blank right now that I think is going to be new go to jigging and heavy rigging rod. mw
  5. Mike Walerak

    Landing nets

    I've been using a Beckman for about 5 years. Absolutluy love it. The rubber coating has finally worn off in most areas and a mouse chewed a small hole in it this winter. I will replace the basket with the same one. By far the best net I've used to date. mw
  6. Mike Walerak

    Limit Creek Smoothie

    I have 2 of theose 8'3" telescopic rods. They are fantasic if you are looking for a longer rod. I once landed a 9.74 walleye on one! THis is basically a long version of the 6'9" "Smoothie". The Smoothie is great all around rod. Live bait to jigs it can do it all! This spring I finally added 2 6'6" mediums to my arsenal and they too are good all purpose rods.
  7. Mike Walerak

    Matching Custom Carbon Walleye Ice Rods

    Very nice. I like the look!
  8. Mike Walerak

    Ice Fishing rod Handle?

    Find a local rodbuilder in your area. They should be able to do this no problem. If you are having trouble finding one let me know. I am a rodbuilder myself and can help you out.
  9. Mike Walerak

    Berkley Nanofil

    Steve, I have found that snail mail along with the remaining product almost always has had positive results for me. I am nice and explain the situation and why I am disatified with the product and also make mention of simalar products that do work for me. Many times they refund we with the simalar product. I always call the company at the very least to see what they say about the warranty and if they will stand behind the product. Afterall, it is their name on it as it sits there broken. mw
  10. Mike Walerak

    Berkley Nanofil

    I have not had many problems with it. It will twist up if you are reeling in slack line quite often. This is ultimatly the demise of most lines. mw
  11. Mike Walerak

    Berkley Nanofil

    Just a follow up to my last post. Berkley sent me 300yds of 14 Lb Fireline Crystal. No explanation, no apology, just line. I guess I can't complain because they sent me what I like to use but I'm a little surprised at no letter of any sort with it. mw
  12. Mike Walerak

    An AIS movement I can get behind!

    I've seen it happen in government before that manytimes a proactive approach is far less expensive than a reactive approach. I would just like my kids to enjoy that same resources I am able to now. So until then I will follow a couple basic rules.
  13. Mike Walerak

    An AIS movement I can get behind!

    Quote:We as sportsman do want to slow the spread and even stop it, and/or control it....But i think you're fooling yourself if you think the steps we are taking today are actually slowing anything down. I keep looking at new RED arrows in the DNR fishing handbook of new waters constantly becoming infested. I'm not offering solutions here, but can clearly see how futile our current effort is against the spread. One could also say it is a more of problem than you beleive or want to believe. How can you just sit and do NOTHING while it is happening and on top of that you encourage others with post like this to do NOTHING! I think I would at least try to stop or slow the leak before the whole ship sinks! These invasives on top of already distubed systems distrupt fod webs dramatically. There is science on that. Simply check out any books under the heading 'disturbance ecology'. Better yet check out Aldo Leoplold's "Sand County Alminac". This guy had it figured out and documented in the 40's.
  14. Mike Walerak

    An AIS movement I can get behind!

    So if would you rather have a representavie from the DNR (somebody that understands MN's ecology on a scientific level) give guidance on the AIS issues or have the politicians make it up on there own. Bottom line, I find it funny that people want to just roll over and let the invasives spread very rapidly rather than taking a few SIMPLE steps to slow the spread. It really isn't that hard to be compliant. I have all sorts of things I have to do while moving from one river to the next with my job. I found a way to make it work and I'm happy to do it so I am not infesting someone elses area with an introduced species. I also would not appreciate if soemone else brought Spiny water fleas to my area becase they were too lazy to spread there rope out and let it dry before using it in southern mn.
  15. Mike Walerak

    An AIS movement I can get behind!

    Quote:The DNR trots out their legislative wish list every year and while you may not have heard testimony, the documents are there that prove these ideas came straight from the DNR including stickers and roadside checks.Please direct me to them. I am curious as to what the DNR has actually requested. I cannot even find clear decontamination protocals from anyone. Believe me I have tried the only things I am able to find are some inhouse program protocals.