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  1. StillwaterAaron

    Radiant floor heating

    The larger diameter will give a more even heating. As the water flows it cools as the concrete warms. More mass less longer lines can be used. Make sure to insulate below and the sides of the concrete.
  2. StillwaterAaron

    Seen goldfish around?

    Yes you shot a Koi. A koi is the same as the common carp just bread for looks long time ago. Same kind of mutation that display mirror carp and leather carp. Latin name is all the same.
  3. StillwaterAaron

    Radon work

    Back at you Tom...as of yesterday. Hope you got it. I know that whole house selling can be stressful.
  4. StillwaterAaron

    Radon work

    Tom Send me an email at aaron at acerinspections dot com It told me you are over your private conversation limit.
  5. StillwaterAaron

    Radon work

    Running it through the house is more expensive but also more effective. The fan must be outside the living space also. Tom what city is this house in? I could recommend 2 good companies for quotes.
  6. StillwaterAaron

    Radon work

    I am a Licensed Home Inspector and Certified Radon Measurement specialist. Radon Mitigation is very simple in 99% of homes and A DIY job materials cost is around $400 if you have all the tools needed. Mitigation is up to 99% effective. Once the mitigation system is requested by the buyers it is better to have a company install the system for you because after the system is installed it needs to be tested to ensure the mitigation worked. Subfloor depressurization is the name for the mitigation. IT creates lower pressure under the floor so the ground air does not enter the house. As for the soil below the house you would be surprised how much air flow there is under the house. Many companies will drill test holes and use a smoke pen to ensure there is suction through the entire floor. Typical cost is $1000-1500 but the cost is likely going to rise very soon due to MN laws costing testers and mitgators much more in licensing.
  7. StillwaterAaron

    Buffalos, how do you catch and where?

    They keep em and eat them. I like that they utilize them but they are breaking the law and taking those fish from those that would like to catch them. I watched a 20 pound Bigmouth buff leave in a net that I am sure was snagged but I did not witness it. a group saw me watching them and tried to block my view. They must have gotten concerned because they left shortly after I pulled out my cell phone.
  8. StillwaterAaron

    Buffalos, how do you catch and where?

    Fishing for Buffalo is the name of the book. As far as the snaggers we are working reducing that. If you see snagging call into tip. Video tape them too. I live close to the king plant and the snagging seems to be getting worse and needs attention from the CO. Smallmouth buffs can be caught on a bottom rigged crawler. Bigmouth buffs are tougher they doo more filter feeding but to take jigs this time of year.
  9. I have been getting at least a gallon per tap the last 3 days.
  10. StillwaterAaron

    Burbot for the what?!?!

    He can be a bit tough to get a hold of but does great work.
  11. StillwaterAaron

    Burbot for the what?!?!

    If you are looking for the best Josh Knuth He does a lot of Non Traditional fish. Amazing mounts that are durable.
  12. StillwaterAaron

    offset garage door opener

    Likely the hole in the ceiling is breaking the firewall and should be sealed up. Might want to put that thought into the owner's ear. I have seen a few house fires lately where the firewall has given the occupants extra time to get out of the house.
  13. Waxworm that is why I suggested you have a towel to soak up water. There are many parts that can get wet because of the way they designed the engine.
  14. There are some videos online that could help you quicker than waiting for a reply on here. I will give you the tip of having a towel on the engine to prevent the coolant from soaking your spark plugs and COPs on the engine. I let the coolant flow and it caused more damage to 2 of my COPs. I assume it is a 5.4 Liter. Common engine so a youtube video will be great for you.
  15. StillwaterAaron

    humidifier on furnace

    Make sure you teach her how to take care of the humidifier. I am a home inspector and nearly all of them are moldy and gross from not being taken care of. It can do harm to the house if not maintained.