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  1. enjoyed the story but this view is incredible your lucky you get to hunt there
  2. Great idea for a thread. Cant wait to see what others have.
  3. Okay so i made a frankenbow and now I am regretting it. Here are the specs: the riser of Ol #155 Envy, a set of 215 deflection barnsdale limbs off a 60lb GTO, limb pockets and revolution cams off my GT500, and now I don't have a clue in the world what strings to put on the thing. Can someone please give me an idea what type of strings to put on? I found that I figure I need custom strings and I saw I can get Elite GTO strings here but should I go with that that is ready to ship to manufactures specs or do you think I'll need a different set? I know this is kind of a weird question since I tried to do an advanced thing by building a custom bow but my brother was helping me and he was deployed and I have no idea when I'll hear from him next.. Thanks!
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