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  1. big drift

    Cougar sighting in Champlin

    This is the kind of panic-stricken response that is to be avoided. If it's a wild cat, chances are it was just wandering through and probably won't be seen in the area again. If it's an escaped or released captive cat, there might be more cause for concern because it won't be as interested to get away from the human domain. That doesn't mean we have to form a posse and go on a cougar killing spree. Good grief. There are more cougars in the western part of the US per county that we have in the entire state and they don't have problems depsite the the fact that the human population is many times more dense than here.
  2. big drift

    Food plots = Baiting

    I guess it comes down to who has invested in plots whether it is ethical or not. Right wrong whatever personal interpretation while considering ethics and morals each need to make their own determination, just be honest with oneself rather then trying to rationalize or minimize. This should be an interesting legal challenge as the DNR has decided to charge folks for baiting yet they have no clear definition or interpretation of it. What is next folks cant hunt next to fields with standing crop, HSO hay or alfalfa off limits, or is using apples and corn alright...
  3. I know we have a lot of folks who put out food plots, what is the difference between that and putting out corn piles, apples, seeds etc.? Neither one is an agricultural based use, we dont consume food plots nor do we harvest them, both are used to manipulate feeding and travel corridors, makes ya wonder. I do neither yet see it all over, after listening to the [PoorWordUsage] from here and in the community there seems to be a lot rock throwing in glass houses.
  4. 184 way down and very few scrapes or rubs, starting to feel like 96 and 97 all over again even the early 80's in Zone 4.
  5. big drift

    antelope and mule deer caliber

    If you want a caliber .25-06 out of a 24" barrell with 120 gr. quality boolit will flat out take anything you want. That being said use whatever rifle you are comfortable carrying for long periods, shoot well, very familiar with at long ranges, and has the best glass on it you can get.
  6. big drift

    Question for Lou

    Now I am confused...
  7. Hunt north of Bemidji on CR 9 by the S curves, not a lot of shooting going on at all. The boys got 2 on Sat and seen some does. Sunday nothing moved until dark. Sounds like the weekend may change things up a bit but we will see.
  8. big drift

    Denied access while tracking a wounded Buck

    Here is the reverse of this situation, when you have a blood trail, the deer is dead within sight of the property line the property is non ag and not posted. Landowner is a psycho freak. CO was playing politics trying to keep the landowner happy while putting us thru the spanish inquisition. They were just gonna leave the deer there when my partners started raising the wanton waste law. We got the deer.
  9. big drift

    Northern MN Deer Population

    The DNR has about as much control over wolves as they do over their budget. Folks say look at the harvest reports, well look at some of the zones your talking about also what is dead and barren on one end is different from the other. I dont hate wolves but I sure as heck want them managed and not by people who have a extremist agenda. Brule you have no clue as to what I chose or would choose to do so do not make assumptions. I have seen nature in many forms and the damage done by mans failure to manage it. I suppose it would be different when the soccer moms pet poodle is luch. I guess a farmers livlihood doesnt matter on the land his family cleared over 5 generations cause they chose to move there and they chose to inherit and keep it for their own family.
  10. big drift

    Northern MN Deer Population

    Ya know I keep hearing about how the wolves are so good to have around. Since that is the case why dont all the folks who love them so much transplant them to oh say the metro and southern mn. [PoorWordUsage] tired of dead calves, dead lambs, does with their stomachs and hams ripped open, fawns taken and left half consumed. I know it was coyotes, or dogs, or bears, or even Rocky the Squirrel. But when ya see it happening... It is amazing how much experts who dont live here know, how much statistics the biologists show even though we are the ones who see it day in day out, wolves kill stock and game period. The sick and lame is just that a sick and lame excuse for a killing machine. Ever see what happens to deer when driven out onto a lake up here? Ever watch a pack run deer between sled trails to tire them out? NO because your not here.
  11. big drift

    October lull-how about it....

    In my experience to many people look beyond the obvious. More people are in the woods. You have hunters, not just archery but also small game, waterfowl, bear, and upland, you have MEA when a lot of people are out getting stands ready for hunting season. Then there are tree color watchers and autumn weather enthusiasts. Not to mention the crop harvest going on. You have had weeks of kids getting off the bus and now the sun is setting earlier so the same noisy kids are getting off the bus during prime time. The bucks are moving around as we have been seeing rubs and scrapes already. I honestly think they just change their activity times. And everything switches again during rut. JMO
  12. big drift


    Minox better glass then the big 3 euros, at a lower price. They flat out perform other glass. Minox is a company under new management looking to take away the big 3 euro market. I really like the 8x42 for an all round pair. As you look around you can find them from 150 to 250 at online sites.
  13. big drift

    Ticket of the year award

    It goes to intent...
  14. big drift

    take a look at this brute

    I would have to say 3.5 as well but not any older he does not have the pronounced beer gut on him nor does his back sag as you would expect The chest hump is not pronounced nor do his legs have the heavy muscle I expect from older deer. Add the long thin face with no scars or blemishes he is not the big dog yet. JMO
  15. Heres a bunch of them....