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  1. As long as you see that it's latched every time you put it on I don't see how it could come off. I haven't had an issue myself. It latches quickly and is very obvious if it's latched or not. The convenience the quick attach adds makes it a no-brainer for me. I take the auger off the power head when I'm not using it. They take up a lot less space in the wheelhouse when they are separate.
  2. Very solid and makes it really easy to change over. I have one for my 8", 10", and my extension. I wouldn't switch hole sizes if I didn't have them.
  3. We only used one 30# tank last weekend from Friday through Sunday and kept it at 70 degrees. I was surprised that it never switched over to the other tank. I ran out right away when I fired the furnace up to thaw it out at home. Even with these cold temps, the sunny side of the house felt warm to the touch on the outside. The dark siding really helps when it's sunny and not so windy.
  4. Will anyone have their fish house out on Waubay this weekend? I'll be heading up that way this morning and was wondering how the bite was. I talked to the bait shop and they say it's slowed down quite a bit the last couple days, just wondering if anyone has any tips or know of any thin places or heaves to stay away from. Sounds like they've got anywhere from 14-16" of ice right now, which is probably the thinnest I've pulled my house out on.
  5. That sounds like a good idea. I just switched out my knob and bolt lock because my key wouldn't fit all the way in either one anymore. I don't know if road crud got in the key hole while I was driving or what. Has anyone else had this problem? It happened to me the first time while on the ice. Luckily I still had the ramp door at the time and was able to get back in that way, but it would be a huge problem if I was out on the lake at night and couldn't get back in my house. I don't see the one on sale for $50, but here's a couple examples that I think would work well https://www.menards.com/main/doors-windows-millwork/door-window-cabinet-hardware/door-locks/entry-door-locks/schlage-reg-camelot-electronic-keyless-entry-deadbolt/p-1444453616196.htm https://www.menards.com/main/doors-windows-millwork/door-window-cabinet-hardware/door-locks/entry-door-locks/kwikset-reg-907-keyless-powerbolt-ii-electronic-deadbolt-with-smartkey-reg/90711psmtcp/p-1444437311387.htm
  6. Adam NWI


    I bought something similar after watching all the Jason Mitchell Outdoors shows. I only had a chance to try them once on a farm pond where I could drill holes from an all season dock. We didn't catch anything, but it was nice to have something since nobody was stocked w/ waxies in town yet. Also I put most of the blame on not being able to move to find the active fish. Haven't had the courage to venture out off the dock yet. I'm also interested in how everyone else has done w/ plastics.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/AquaBotix-HydroView-Controlled-Underwater-Vehicle/dp/B009EU5GJM Here you go. A little spendy for me, but to each their own.
  8. Ha, I was enjoying the responses. I wouldn't say they were exactly what I was looking for when I originally asked the question, but it's always entertaining to have new content up, whether it's at my expense or not! I understand most people on here don't need fancy electronic equipment to catch fish, but I do! Will definitely report back once I get a chance to use it.
  9. I don't even want to know what the cost per pound of the fish that I've caught is, but the fish house had way more of an effect on it that than the Garmin. Since fishing is my only hobby I justify it that way, and more importantly, I don't tell my wife what everything actually costs!
  10. I found a good deal on the Garmin panoptix ice unit on one of the facebook sites and made an impulse buy. It was a couple hours away from me, so I had my buddy check it out and pick it up and so I haven't even had a chance to see it yet. From the youtube videos I've seen they look like they could completely change how I fish year round. Has anyone had a chance to use one and how do they like it? I probably should have asked this question before I pulled the trigger!
  11. Adam NWI

    Fish House Build

    I didn't realize you could remove it from the bracket. Right now I've got the tailgator sitting on one of my bunks until I set it up each time out, which is kind of a pain. I'll have to order one of those brackets. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Adam NWI

    Fish House Build

    Did you mount your tailgator on permanently? I've been going back and forth on whether to permanently mount mine, or just put it out when I get set up and take it down when I leave. I think it would work great permanently set up for ice fishing, but I'm nervous about when we go camping in the summer. There will be more trees around to block the signal if I can't move it.
  13. Yes I made it. I assume you are talking about the top bunk. It's made from 1x2" aluminum rectangular tubing and unistrut strut channels and trolleys. The part number on the trolleys is P2750. It goes up and down easily with one person. LipRipper came up with the idea and has more details on his latest build page.
  14. I like the trolley system, but I can't take credit for it. I stole the idea from LipRipper. He's got much better details on how to build one on his latest build blog. It only takes one person to raise and lower it. I planned to use linear actuators on a pulley system to raise and lower it, but I realized that would be completely unnecessary with how easy it is to do manually with one person. I have since used the wires I ran for that for another outside yard light in the back of the house. The last time I weighed the house it was around 5500#. I would estimate it at around 6200# or so right now. Whenever I get a chance to have it weighed I'll post it.
  15. I originally built it as a toy hauler because I have a half ton truck and didn't want to overload my suspension with both the tongue weight and the 4-wheeler in the back of my truck. It was sagging pretty bad with just the trailer. I have since added air bags to my suspension that have taken out the sagging and I would be comfortable putting a 4-wheeler in there if I ever decide to. Beyond that, the table is a pain in the butt to raise and lower. I should have taken the advice of others on the board not to use the removable legs, but I already had the mounts put in the floor. The bench is much more comfortable and I was able to add another fishing hole. The main point is it turned the worst seat in the house to the best seat.
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