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  1. TRZ

    Auger Extension

    thanks guys-I'm moving my shack up at mille lacs and will need one this weekend.
  2. Do any stores in the Twin Cities carry auger extensions for strikemasters? thanks
  3. God i wish i still had that fan-i just bought a fish house at Mille Lacs and my shack gets very HOT especially with my lady friend up there-always helps to have the wind at your back! Maybe i should head west to California with more of my antics!
  4. I have always got them jigging for walleye of crappie so the fights have been long by the time they are at the hole you can grab the tail if the head will not fit. i have gotten a few in that way but others have been too big. i don't care much for cats in general as far as eating i just wanted my spoon back.
  5. I have caught dozens of cats on the croix over the years and have had several flatheads that would not fit through a 8 inch hole, i have had them by the tail trying to pull them through but no dice, couple in the 40-50 lb range. never had a channel that would not fit but if i was fishing for them i would for sure go with the 10 inch hole.
  6. I hunted 156 with a few guys on public and private land. i hunted my public spot and got a doe and button buck sat evening. got a spike sun morning. Then hunted my own private 40 and got another spike. It was agreat year. Man we saw alot of deer. I didn't think either of the spikes were bucks it was very low visibility, one at 6:30 am and another at 5;15 p.m. but at least it will be a good winter with all that meat for me and my hunting partners. i think deer numbers are at an all time high in our area willow river/moose lake. between 4 guys we seen at least 20 deer opening weekend in the wood
  7. Are woodcock good to eat? i shot 3 of them near mose lake last weekend and gave them away and kept the grouse for myself-did get 5 with no dog or atv, numbers are up in that area.
  8. I could use a new fan if you think that one is more repairable than that old bueaty i once owned. Will you be near the cities anytime soon. or maybe he can join the old K.C. fan in fan heaven. god that was a nice fan.........
  9. The slot on many lakes 24-36 inch protected is the best bet it works great on many lakes Mille lacs, rush to name a few. i wish it was more widespread.
  10. Don't mean to sound bad but that fish looks like it was dead a long time and washed up on shore, but funny story if it is true.
  11. maybe bullhead fillets? or carp if i was low on heads.
  12. i did finally let the fan go to a better place aka "fan heaven". i was able to pry off the unicorn sticker for my new fan but the poor roayals sticker is in about the same position as the team=SOL . Too bad somebody sure could have stayed cool during this hot dry summer, it was great for blowing dust as well.......
  13. 12$ would buy me a new tip up or enough jigs to last me a winter, and it is more the premise than the money. a fee (tax) to put my shelter on a public lake for a few hours, or even worse a lake i may own, obserd. That is why we were the only state to do it. And why not hit the out of state people, do they pay taxes in Minnesota? last time i checked they didn't, an increase fee to use our public funded facilities seems very fair, if they don't like it thay can stay in Iowa and save a few bullheads for me.
  14. if your that rich make a donation to the DNR every year! i can't believe they finally did this, AMEN Brother-it was the biggest rip-off stupid law in fishing. The extension of licenses is also a wonderful idea, i don't know how many times i have accidentally went out with an expired license in March.
  15. I was wondering if anyone could give me some info or rivers that would be good to trout fish in mid June, any help at all would be great!
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