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  1. I've had a Nanook Thermal for about four years now. It is a great house and very warm, however I pulled the seats out after the first year. I hated losing the storage area under the seats especially when pulling the house with the snowmobile. I also thought those were some of the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat on, especially when putting a long day on the ice. I like the extra room now and the option of bringing my own, more comfortable seat.
  2. Member #551. I can still remember sitting in a lecture at UMC with my college issued laptop searching Minnesota fishing on the Internet when fishing minesota popped up. I've gained a lot of knowledge from these forums and thank all the contributors to this site over the years.
  3. I used to have an LX3 and my brother had an LX3tc. My transducer was shot in two years time, my brothers only took one year. I really don't think the transducers on those units were built to take the punishment of all that power. I am now going on year 5 of my FL18 and haven't had one hiccup since purchasing it. I don't mean to bash Marcum but just wanted to share my experience.
  4. I have never had a chance to wear the Mickey's but I will say ever since I bought my pair of black Arctic Sport Muck Boots, my feet have never been cold
  5. Quote: Fox 9 News is so dang dramatic! Everything is hyped up, life & death, oooo & ahhhh! Please.... From StormTracker to Fox9 Investigators. Grrrr... A couple years ago while attending SCSU I was part of a Fox 9 Investigator study about beating the breathalizer. It was funny to watch once all the editing was done and it aired, how dramatic they made every part of the piece. -LaVoi
  6. I will add that if someone insists on removing the block to not only mark the hole when you leave but also clearly mark the block of ice. I agree though, no reason not to push the block under the hole.
  7. Great responses, thanks. The fly line sounds like the real deal, for the time being I think I will just try lengthening my snell. Right now I run about a 3' snell but the 6' snell sounds like it would do the trick. I do really like the black tip-up line as it is so easy to work with.
  8. Just curious what everyone spools their rattle reels with. I am currently using black braided tip-up line but am starting to wonder if it a little too visible for walleyes/crappies. I would like to put mono on em but it seems it would be tough pulling em up hand over hand with that. What is everyone else using?
  9. John Gillespie on FSN is the only show that I can think of that is predominantly ice fishing this time of the year. It's too bad but it seems that most of the other well respected shows seem to shy away from ice fishing episodes.
  10. Depends what part of the state you are talking about. I agree with most any farmland the majority of 1 1/2 year olds will be a six or even an eight. However I tend to lean towards the DNR's point of view when you are talking about northern Minnesota whitetails. Where I hunt in far northern MN, it is heavily wooded, and there isn't a cornstalk within twenty miles. Here, I think it is at least 50% if noty more towards that 75% of 1 1/2 year olds being spikes. In fact I shot a 1 1/2 year old this year that had only inch long spikes! I watched it come in, checked over and over through my binocs for antlers, once I determined it was a doe, I took it. When I approached the deer, I noticed it had the wrong genitalia. I dug through his tuft of hair on his forehead and there they were, teeny little spikes. I was upset at that point, but anyway it was definately a 1 1/2 as our fawns up there are usually about the size of a large dog. This deer was much bigger, so anyway it proves that if the nutrition is not there they will simply put the nourishment to their body before they ever will their antlers.
  11. Love the brown bear picture, looks like he was trying to reclaim his part of the river from you.
  12. Thanks Mason, you would never regret going up there, I can't even describe what you see up there. I plan to put up a few more pics from this summer soon.
  13. Sitka, Alaska seen from the top of Harbor Mountain Mount Edgecumbe in the distance A BIG silver caught by one of our clients My first king ever. We didn't weigh it but was somewhere around 35lb. Whales up close and personal Sea Otter (cool little critter) A closer shot of Mount Edgecumbe
  14. More pics in the Alaskan forum
  15. I took this picture near the northwest shore of Red Lake in mid September. Just wish I had a better camera!
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