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  1. Got out yesterday on a small lake here in Michigan, enjoying the new challenge of learning how to ice fish! Link to YouTube video: ICE FISHING for Bass, Pike, BIG Crappie
  2. Went out on pike fishing on the 4th of July. Fished a smaller lake in Southern Michigan. Had one of the best days ever. My brother in-law and I landed 9 pike, and lost one in a matter of maybe 5 hours. Handful of them were low 30's, then we ended the day with a 36 incher. The last one followed my spinner almost to the boat and swiped at it but missed, I could still see him under the boat so I kept my spinner in the water and he came up and smashed it. It was awesome. I got it on film too! If anyone is interested in watching the video on my youtube channel I'll include the link below: YouTube/InsanePikeVideo
  3. Link to YouTube video of this trip (I caught the cats towards the end of the vid) https://youtu.be/HDXLB4gNVNY
  4. I went out a couple days ago on a public lake here in Michigan. I was hoping to get on some crappie but they were not where I thought they would be, and I just could not locate them. I found lots of smaller bass in the shallow bays, and some bluegill scattered around. The crappie must be staging, not yet in the shallows? At the end of the trip I tried my hand at catfishing with some cut bait under a slip bobber rig and I was not disappointed. Got some nice fillets out of them cats! Here is the link to the video of my trip https://youtu.be/HDXLB4gNVNY
  5. Check out my YouTube channel called 'hookslinger' 




  6. Youtube is the way to go. So many cool little self filmed fishing shows on there. Heck I have a channel myself where I record my fishing trips. Uncut angling is cool, I also like Peelindrag because he is out of Michigan like me. Screw those commercial filled, cheesy scripted fishing shows on tv. Times have changed in my opinion.
  7. So the bite has slowed up a bit, but I still managed to catch some fish. Got a few channel cats off the dock at night with a slip bobber rig, and I landed a whopper bass on an evening trip with a friend. Threw together a quick video to share. Link to video: https://youtu.be/JkPvNFY4X6I
  8. Thanks! It's awesome to capture those moments on video!
  9. So, I went fishing this morning here in Southern Michigan. I caught a decent 3.25 lb bass on a spinner bait, then the bite slowed up a bit so I tied on a Texas rigged senko. I anchored in about 12 FOW just off of some lily pads. I hooked a small bass, and while I was reeling him in a big pike latched on to the poor little guy. The pike held on for a minute and then let go. I reeled in the little bass and observed the tooth marks on him. I immediately picked up my spinning rod that had a spinner bait on it and started casting through the area where the pike came out of. After a half dozen casts or so, I hooked the pike and landed him! It was a really cool experience and I caught the whole thing on film! THIS IS WHY I LOVE FISHING! Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/XfvyrsbOgBM
  10. Went out earlier this week and smoked em' on Texas rigged senko's. I was using 5 inch black Gary Yamamoto senko's. There has been no top-water bite what so ever in my area. The bigger fish are still hanging in deeper water along drop offs and weed lines. I caught two 4 pound bass that day, and that's something to be proud of in Michigan! Anyway, just wanted to give a little update on the bass bite up here in Michigan. Check out the video https://youtu.be/oe48GlDa1Kg
  11. Here is the link to my highlight video of the week: https://youtu.be/eqtv_kQAzWs Here's the highlights of the past week or so of fishing. The bass have been pretty finicky lately with the temps going up and down. Got a nice 21 inch bass, but it only weighed 3.5 pounds! I was shocked! Not sure why it was so light and skinny, but with the length it should have been a 5 pounder.
  12. I would LOVE to go muskie fishing!!! Hopefully some day I will get the opportunity.
  13. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. Was a cool experience to capture on film!
  14. Had this monster pike grab my Texas rigged rubber worm yesterday morning. I was fishing a public lake and was not expecting this! I did manage to land him but made a mental error and attempted to measure him on the side of the boat, and he got away before I could get him up in the boat to get a good shot of him . I did get some awesome footage of him though! Here is the link to the video below if anyone wants to watch it: https://youtu.be/LNiM-iJlrlU
  15. Well I ended up driving all the way to the lake and I realized I forgot to grab my battery for my trolling motor so I ended up having to use oars to row around. It really messed up my fishing. On top of that the bite was really slow. Ended up losing a couple nice ones and landing a pretty decent bass. Overall not my best day of fishing but it was still fun! Caught the big one off a deep weed line with a Texas rigged Zoom rubber worm in black. I filmed it if you wanna check it out, here is the link https://youtu.be/DEg6FXkIsgU I have other videos too on my channel of trips that went a lot better! Thanks, I love it here in Michigan for fishing. There are lots of good bass lake, but like every other fisherman I have my few favorite holes.
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