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  1. I was never a fan of Gander mountain they had a lot of product just all the same product and no variety and pricing was not competitive. i stopped in to the new Gander Outdoors and was very impressed with the different variety of product and the pricing seemed to be good. Gander Outdoors was invested in from the guy who has the TV show the Profit so I am sure it will be a success seen he is a very smart business man and will make it successful. they are still bringing in more product seen they have only been open for about 4 weeks now.
  2. Maybe but I do not recall any wind.
  3. I know I should have but i was to taken away by the whole thing and thought it was a joke lmao but it was true.
  4. So my buddy and I have fished this one lake for 6 years now and only ever seen maybe 20 other people out there fishing in that time frame and I go out to our house with my four wheeler last saturday just after lunch to get set up for the even and this is no joke, I pull up to the our house and there is a clam portable literally set up in front of our door with no more then 12 inches between his portable and our door to the house. after i pulled up the guy came flying out of the portable chewing my A*$ and called me disrespectful for he is trying top fish and i just come driving right up by his
  5. Those are all great bucks guys. I am still Bow Hunting and starting to think i need to get passing on deer LOL its only getting colder but they are getting more predictable with the cold weather.
  6. My sons first year Gun hunting this year but he has been bow hunting with me the last few years with Bow in hand. we started opener off this year at the deer camp at our family cabin on Elbow Lake and we saw a few deer and passed on them seen we did not see any real nice bucks and we hunted the 2nd weekend at home and my son shot this button buck Saturday night at 90 yards and then Sunday morning he shot this nice 8 pointer cruising between wood lots. I am so proud of him he shot the 8 pointer at 226 yards and made a perfect shot with the 30-30 through both lungs and both bucks dropped in thei
  7. lol that is an old high fence that for the most part is down in alot of the areas which is great due to the fact that those spots are well established funnel spots for their travel and our stand locations.
  8. My son and I scouted and put up a few cameras and posted our new proeprty for hunting this weekend. Good times are coming.
  9. I have shot just about all the top Broadheads out there and they have all seemed to have failed me on performance and lack of blood trails at one point or another and as of the last 3 years I have been using the NAP KillZone with tremendous success and massive entry and exit holes leaving massive amounts of blood. They do tremendous damage and are extremely durable and work flawlessly. I am shooting 68lbs with the newer Easton Ingexion arrow at 29 inches and 10.1 gpi. Below is your typical entry hole and exit hole are even bigger. Hope this helps.
  10. The young guys will sometimes make little scrapes.
  11. Looking forward to Bow Opener I have a few really nice bucks coming into the food plots. 2 more weeks of anticipation.

  12. Have you received any pictures yet of any bucks using it?
  13. So I am getting all excited for bow season and then I remember something that still bothers me. So the land I lease for Deer Hunting the past 6 years, me and the land owner have been putting in numerous food plots and managing what is harvested off the land that is 600 acres and we have seen tremendous results in the average size bucks we get on camara and harvest. So last year I hunted this really nice buck I was getting on camera at 1 stand everyday with a big doe and everytime I sat I saw him and just could not get a shot seen the food plot was so big there was no rime or reason to where he
  14. So funny I get told we don't have cougars in this area HaHa here kitty kitty :-)
  15. Hello and there are many factors in choosing an arrow and length of arrow. Each arrow manufacturer and type have different GPI (Grains Per Inches) which is listed on the box and depending on that with the length you choose will determine your broadhead or tip weight because you want you arrow to balance out properly for the best most accurate results especially at longer distant shots say 30 yards and farther. Hope this helps. Easton recommends an arrow with 10-15% F.O.C. for hunting setups and optimal accuracy – especially at long distances. Calculating F.O.C To det
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