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  1. Browning83

    Finally Got the Dogs out!! PIC

    Hey B-Man....I was wondering if you know of any beagle breeders in your area that have a hunting line of beagles. I have been interested in rabbit hunting with beagles for a long time.
  2. Just got an email back from the DNR and they say it is fine to have the youth hunters hunting ducks only if the adults are not hunting them as well. He says its a good idea to keep the guns in the truck until we stop duck hunting and no ducks can be harvested after we return to hunt. I cant wait to see the smiles on these guys faces when those first mallards come in or when that string of 20 honkers are about to land on us at about 5 yards.
  3. This Saturday coming up is Youth Waterfowl day and we are taking two youngster hunting where we've been goose hunting lately. Every morning in the area we get a good number of mallards and wood ducks that work our spreads before the geese arrive. Well the question I have is we want these younger boys to get in on their first ducks and we/non-youth hunters would like to hunt geese after the ducks have stopped coming in. What our plans are that we will keep our guns in the truck while the younger guys shoot at the ducks and after a few flocks of geese start working we will bring the ducks back to the truck and then grab our guns to hunt just canada geese. IS THIS LEGAL?
  4. Browning83

    Can I charge my laptop in my truck???

    Ok one last question....might be a dumb one but just dont want to ruin anything. Can I run my computer with the invertor or will that draw too much power. Or is the invertor only to charge it. I am mostly going to use it for a DVD player or check weather reports. Anyways sorry for the dumb question.
  5. Browning83

    Can I charge my laptop in my truck???

    Thanks everyone for the responses, do appreciate all of them. I think I am going to get a inverter/ac to a dc style because like you say there are many other options you could use it for. Well thanks again.
  6. Browning83

    Can I charge my laptop in my truck???

    Sorry I am not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to this stuff.....where can I pick one of these inverters up?
  7. I was wondering if there is a way I can use the cig. lighter for a power source to my laptop computer. Would be nice for the Canada drive this fall. I have a Dell XPS laptop. Does Dell sell anything or can I pick something up from a local store?
  8. Browning83

    Quick Question

    Wood dog---Thanks for the reply. Yeah I been looking at the regs, must of missed that info. We got all the gun registrations filled. I've been to canada a few times and never ran into much trouble. Just bringng in more ammo because we are going up for a longer time. Also how did you do up there? If you dont mind what area did you hunt as well. Well thanks for the info
  9. Browning83

    shooting techniques

    I totally agree with having proper gun placement when raising the gun to your shoulder. I read somewhere if you see your bead and some of the barrel when you raise up you will shoot high and if you see no bead when on shoulder then you will shoot too low. Be sure you have your cheek on the stock....can't say this enough. Its easy to lift your head on those "easy shots" and miss cleanly. As far as leads go....it takes time and practice. Some people may think I am stupid but I actually removed the bead from my gun. I shoot with both eyes open and use a natural aim and have done a lot better. I like to try new things out all the time at the range and try to improve on the shot.
  10. I am planning on going to Sask. at the end of october and got a quick question regarding ammo. I know they say you can bring in a case of shotgun shells with no charge. I heard its an arm and leg up there for shells and was wondering if possible that I can bring in extra ammo. A friend and I were going to split another case. So I would be having a case and a half. Can I do this and if so is there a charge per box of shells?
  11. Browning83

    Making goose jerky????????

    Send me an email at [email protected] . com Have you started any CM courses....you'll like the program
  12. Browning83

    Making goose jerky????????

    killincarp....sorry i havent responded lately....been out of town. But i am a senior in constructin mgmt program. I hunt the area when down at school otherwise all over the place but got a cabin in wisconsin. if you ever want to get together and try hunting let me know.....I use the south central forum a lot if you want to get a hold of me
  13. Browning83

    Shooting your bow with your cold weather gear on?

    Last year hunting I forgot to bring my arm compression pad up north and had to improvise so I cut the end off of a sock and placed it on my wrist. It kept my clothes away from the string on release and now its my favorite way to do so. As far as draw back it hasnt changed for me.
  14. Browning83

    Making goose jerky????????

    I am in my last year at MNSU....I hunt just about everything but like to duck and goose hunt the most. What about you?
  15. I am with dan on this one. They have studies showing that some steel shot (mostly cheaper ammo) dont have consistent pellets (shape/size) in their shells which cause bad patterns. I personally believe in the amount of time and money I put into hunting why not have quality shells. I just paid $380 on two cases of Winch. supremes and have had best luck with them with my gun. Whats the price differnce between someone shooting 3 shots with cheap ammo and a person shooting 1 shot with good/expensive ammo....probably none. I am not saying I only shoot once per bird (I know I just jynxed myself there) but I can personally tell a difference in cheap and expensive ammo.