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  1. Went out during the warm stretch and hammered the crappies. Even got a GIANT walleye at the end!
  2. MplsOutdoors

    My best day out on the ice yet!

    Being as it is my first season ever ice fishing I've been having a blast figuring techniques and tricks to finding fish and I can say it is a whole different world, its awesome! This day me and my buddy got out for a sunrise bite (can be tough to get moving that early sometime) and absolutely slayed crappies and gills, didn't catch very many small fish and we were catching them as fast as we could get our jigs down. Fishing in about 14 ft of water. As a bonus we even got a big pike on a tip up. What a day!
  3. MplsOutdoors

    My 1st time tip up fishing

    The tip up was in about 7ft of water in a shallow bay on the lake and we only had the sucker about 2ft down, was using a single treble hook but have now switched to a quick strike rig!
  4. MplsOutdoors

    My 1st time tip up fishing

    This was me and my friends first time out tip up fishing. Caught this nice gator,not a trophy but was a real nice size. His biggest pike ever. Lots of fun! Enjoy!
  5. MplsOutdoors

    Deeper Fish Finder as a Flasher.

    Went out on the ice for the first time at a metro lake and tried out the deeper fish finder. Found out it works great as a flasher, really accurate marks and jig strokes, the only downside being battery life on the phone. Gonna have to get out on some more productive lakes to try it out some more! Let me know if you guys have ever tried this out
  6. MplsOutdoors

    The Last Open Water Trip of 2k16

    Wrapped up my open water season with a slow cold day on the water ended up getting into a few nice sized walleyes at the dam. Enjoy and subscribe to see more fishing to come on the ice! Also would love to see some pics of your last fish caught on the open water!
  7. MplsOutdoors

    Hot Bite on the River

    The walleye bite is still hot out on the river, jigging with a fathead hitting current seams and pools. Make sure you get out on the open water while you still can! Enjoy
  8. MplsOutdoors

    Shore walleye spots

    The walleyes have been hittin from shore!
  9. MplsOutdoors

    Pool 2 Walleyes.

    A friend took me out walleye fishing for my 1st time the other day, we probably landed like 30-40 fish altogether including a sauger and 2 smallies. What a blast it was! I hope you enjoy this video and dont forget to hit subscribe for more!
  10. MplsOutdoors

    The Ford Dam

    Had an awesome day fishing down at the Ford dam. Another angler actually saw that I had walked upstream pretty far and he decided to give me a ride back in his boat, had a great time and ended getting into some crappie and bass. Awesome that there are people out there willing to do that, very rarely I'm able to fish from a boat!
  11. MplsOutdoors

    Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    check out this video of me catchin huge channel cats...15 lbs on the Mississippi, let me know what you guys think!
  12. MplsOutdoors

    Huge Channel Cats

    Check out this video of me and my buddies catching huge channels on the Mississippi, let me know what you guys think!