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  1. Found about 6 pounds of big yellows last night. Some were already starting to dry up. The end is near in Stillwater.
  2. Here's another pic of some in their "natural state".
  3. Found about 120 last night. yellows were very fresh in last couple days.
  4. Looks like a half free to me too. if you cut it open and there is a white floss like cottony material in there then it probably is. but.....the best advice I ever got from a professional shroomer is..."when it doubt..throw it out!!
  5. also found this big drydads saddle but left it out there. not a fan of those. The ramps in my area were a bit larger than I have found in the past! Likely due to later season.
  6. I found a few ramps and greys last night. Looks like it's gonna be a few more days in the east metro before the big yellows appear.
  7. I too have been checking some spots in the Stillwater area and just finally found a nice bunch of yellows yesterday.
  8. hunt4food

    Square Lake

    I caught my last one at 3:30 and then we never saw another one after that. seems to me I warned you about that. Glad I didn't fish last night
  9. hunt4food

    Square Lake

    I may have been that guy. At least he still called me his friend Looks like he fell for the old "inflatable trout" gimmick again.
  10. hunt4food

    Favorite Bunny Gun

    I have a Savage model 24 over/under. .22 ont he top and .410 on the bottom. That's the gun for me!
  11. hunt4food

    Square Lake

    I was out there Saturday afternoon and got one 14.5" trout. Went back Sunday afternoon and saw a few on the camera but they were not at all interested in my baits.
  12. Yesterday I posted about my find of Half free morels. After getting home and cutting one open, I discovered the dreaded white cotton looking fuzz inside of them. they were indeed not the edibles ones, but very close looking. If you are just gettin into this hobby (ok. Obsession!!), make sure you utilize the internet and a good mushroom book and double double check a few resources before eating anything you are not positive is ok to eat. I nearly made a mistake!
  13. hunt4food

    Tom's held up

    I hunted the first season and ran into the same problem 4 times. Toms would come no closer than 70 yards. I was in different set-up situations and for sure different birds. I struck out for the first time ever in my turkey hunting carreer. These MN birds seem to be getting smarter and smarter every year. I will be hunting with my dad tomorrow morning and like the idea Borch mentiioned about changing positions so the tom will be in range by the time he sees the decoys. I am gonna try that tomorrow.
  14. I also dehydrate my unused ones. I vacuum deal them with my foodsaver and use them on a later date. They rehydrate well in a bowl of cold water.
  15. Well....they do taste good, but to me it is more like treasure hunting. Some people are Agate hunters and some prefer to wander sandy beaches with a metal detector. others like me prefer to hunt mushrooms. I can't explain it, but I had the same view you do now about 5 years ago. Now I am hooked! Also...my cream of pheasant wild rice morel mushroom soup has become a great delicacy throughout my family members. I would let them down if I didn't come through every spring with a batch of it!