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  1. Great deal on slugs if you need any. Dick's has 5 packs of federal slugs for $2.98 (regular is $3.99). Federal has a $2 rebate per box for purchases thru October 25, which brings the final cost to $1 per box of 5. You can purchase up to 5 boxes for a total rebate of $10.
  2. REI Outlet (online) has ice trekkers on clearance for $15 with free shipping. Pretty good price. I needed these last year with the slick ice and no snow. I can't vouche for the brand, as I've never used them, but I'll give them a try. Search for 'ice trekker' on the REI outlet site (not the REI site....the REI Outlet site).
  3. I posted last year about whether or not its worth fixing sling back type patio chairs. These are the sling type, solid fabric chairs with the fabric held tight with two spreader bars. Got some good information on potential sources for the replacement slings (patiofurniturehub.com, etc), but it looks like the cost for the sling is around $50 for a high back chair. A new chair is less than that. It looks like repair isn't worth is. Just checking to see what the concensus is here; repair or trash.
  4. What forum policy would a link to a webcam be violating...jeez!
  5. Water levels have been trending up in most of the state since before 2005, so a steady to increasing lake level was one of the factors. I think the 2011 year class is going to be very poor for crappies in most of the northern part of the state. Considering the pounding that they take year around, it could be a problem. The water temps were very slow to come up in 2011 and we had a lot of cool days & nights. I caught numerous crappies in late June with eggs (I released them so couldn't confirm the eggs, but it looked pretty obvious).
  6. A slip bobber in cabbage can be deadly early in the year when the cabbage first starts to come up. This early cabbage provides the first shelter for the smaller perch, etc. Look to the north shore or near spawning areas first. The clear spring water also makes the fish skittish of the boat. One trick that I learned is to place a barrel swivel with a slip weight about 3 - 4' up from your hook or jig. The slip weight (I use a barrel style slip weight) gets your leech or other presentation down to the fish zone quickly and it also allows you to reel and stop the presentation back to the boat,
  7. Its sounds like you are running a smaller outboard and storing it long term after using it in the fall. In that case, I would run it empty and fog the engine to stall it as others have suggested. On a larger motor I usually store it about 1/2 to 3/4 full with stabilizer and Yamaha brand "Ring Free" (I think I have that name right). Just like stabilizer, you need to make sure that the additive makes it thru the entire system before shutting the motor down for storage. I then fill it before starting it up for the first time in the spring. The ring free additive is expensive but it provi
  8. Your problem sounds very similiar to a problem that I just fixed on our Heat n Glow gas fireplace. I turned the fireplace off for the summer and when I fired it back up in the late fall, the pilot light ran perfectly, but the burner flame was low to non-existent. The problem was traced to a tiny spider egg nest in a small orfice just before the gas went into the burner. I have heard that this is extremely common. The pilot light was working fine because it was being fed by a very small tube that got its gas from upstream of the burner. Check the exit vent as mentioned just to be sure t
  9. When you say budweiser....you've said it all...
  10. Cabelas in Rogers has 1 gallon jugs of 25W-40 semi synthetic oil for 4 stroke motors on sale for half price ($12) - great price.
  11. I also have an Itunes question. The kids have Itunes installed on our C: drive, which is almost full and Itunes is a memory hog. Itunes is also installed on the G: drive of our computer, which is a much larger drive that I added several months ago. Is there a way to uninstall the C: drive version of Itunes without causing issues with the G: drive version or is it best to do a full delete and reinstall?
  12. Struck out at the fabric store.....they don't carry the UV protected fabric meant for patio chairs (tightly woven synthetic material). The chairs are solid sling back chairs with no strips or slats of material. The edges of the fabric are being held into a channel by a length of plastic rod. Any suggestions other than buying new?
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