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  1. Japeloquin

    Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I don't have a K-drill but have been around them they do spin quite a bit faster and if your using in a wheelhouse could create a bigger mess? Just a thought to consider.
  2. Japeloquin

    Where are we going to fish first?

    That's the same plan for me hoping enough to get the castle out! Fingers crossed!
  3. Japeloquin

    Underwater Cameras

    I was in the same boat as you lip ripper. I needed one mainly for the wheelhouse and scouting. I was at cabelas and picked up a marcum vs485c for 350 it has the same camera as the more expensive 825 but a smaller screen.I also got a wireless panner for an extra 70. Hooked to my 50 inch in the house it worked great take that for what it's worth. Not a lot of help but thought I would throw in my 2 cents
  4. Japeloquin

    Ice castle Hole sleeve Length

    Now I like that idea think I will try that but cut mine to 5" thanks
  5. Japeloquin

    Ice castle Hole sleeve Length

    Hi guys and gals just got my hole sleeves for the ice castle. I went with the glow in the dark ones. My question is how long are you guys cutting them to? I was thinking the Tubing is 4" (I believe) and the plywood is 3/4" so cut them to 4 3/4"? I wont be putting wood under the shack because it will never sit in one spot long. A few days max and will always be heated during that time. Of course if the water is pooling around shack I may need it on wood? What do you guys that use them have them cut to and why? THANKS!
  6. Japeloquin

    New strikemaster lithium

    No I don't believe there is reverse on it.
  7. Japeloquin

    New strikemaster lithium

    Also what size extension are you guys using in your wheel house I would think the 12" would be enough but plan on fishing LOW and upper red often and wondering if I would need more?
  8. Japeloquin

    New strikemaster lithium

    Hey guys and gals just ordered a new Strikemaster Lithium auger to use in my wheelhouse. Seller on hsolist has them for 479.99 with free shipping so couldn't pass it up. Anybody have one or used one? I see mostly good reviews. I got the newer one with the updated switch as there was a recall on the original one.
  9. Japeloquin

    New Member new ice castle

    Awesome thanks for the info it's hard for me to not buy a vexi. That's the brand I grew up with and has always worked great
  10. Japeloquin

    New Member new ice castle

    rl_sd have you hooked it to a tv? Just wondering how the picture is? I see your in south Dakota we rented shacks out on bitter lake last year and had a blast had crappy weather but still caught fish defiantly plan on heading out that way again next year! This shack is going to have a lot of miles on it this winter.!
  11. Japeloquin

    Summer Camping in Fish House

    I have only camped in mine 3 times but to level it I have a handful of 4x4s,2x4s. I first just eyeball a fairly level spot or closet spot I can find I then lower the back down onto the 4x4s right behind the wheels. Then I go inside I have a level I got at menards that I put on the counter. If I'm level from side to side I then drop the front till I am level front to back I can usually do this in about 5 mins Just shim accordingly till level.
  12. Japeloquin

    Summer Camping in Fish House

    How about an intake/exhaust like what's used on a forced air suburban furnace out the side of house? Of course you would have to cut a hole in the house which I wouldn't be thrilled about. Just thinking out loud
  13. Japeloquin

    New Member new ice castle

    Yetti style thanks sent you a private message
  14. Japeloquin

    New Member new ice castle

    These are pics at the dealer. Now I need to get a camera and electric auger. Plan on going with the strikemaster lithium. Still unsure about the camera thinking about the Marcum pan cam. But wondering if you guys have any suggestions this will be for the castle only and will be put on a TV so don't need a big screen unit.
  15. Japeloquin

    New Member new ice castle

    Hi guys and gals, Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Long time ice fishermen here but just bought my first ice castle been fishing out of portables and a home made permanent shack but this Ice castle is awesome picked it up easter weekend so haven't had a chance to fish out of it but have taken it camping 3 times already. I will post some pics.