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  1. Hey all. I just wanted to say thanks for all your suggestions. The light switch was a double switch and ran the outside light and the 3 ceiling lights. The outside light always worked so I swapped the switch and the outside light still worked and the ceiling lights blew the fuse. So I took off every light and tested them on a 12v battery and they all worked. I was a bit bummed at that point but when I got the last light hooked back up, my wife through in another fuse and they all work now! So it was due to the hack job they did wiring this house. Just hope there are no other surprises with the
  2. There are 2 hole lights on the same circuit. I need to go but another couple packs of fuses today so I can do some more troubleshooting. As far as checking the switch for a short.....how would I go about that? Do I pop the switch off and just look at it?
  3. They had 20 amp so that's what we used to try and replace them. The lights that keep blowing the fuses run on both 12v and the 110 and aren't LED. It only seems to blow them when we hit the light switch. If we don't try and use the lights the fuse is fine.
  4. Hi there, I'm out camping I'm my ice castle this weekend with my family and everything was going great until we came in last night and went to turn on the lights and it blew the fuse. Its a 2016 rv edition. Its plugged in to 30amp hookup at the site so that is running everything fine.......except for the lights. We have went through 2 packs of fuses trying to figure out what it happening. Was working great until last night. Any ideas from others that may have had this problem or just have an idea of what might be causing this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
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