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  1. tacklebox7FF

    Bluegill hits topwater

    the small gills will hit the poppers but wont get hooked but the big bulls will
  2. tacklebox7FF

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    nice hybrid did u by chance catch it on a minnow ? just curious reply was to a post at the beginning of the photo shoot
  3. tacklebox7FF

    Light bite light jig?

    bigger bait bigger crappie average
  4. tacklebox7FF

    Crappie Question

    yeah I've found them usually suspended half way down in as much as 38 feet of water off submerged structure or sunkin islands
  5. tacklebox7FF

    Glow jigs for sunnies?

    I think the glow jigs will increase your odds of catching sunfish later in evening or after dark when low light conditions are present... ive caught some really nice gills on jigs when i've glowed them up while trying to catch crappies after dark... im not sure if the sunfish can't see as well at night or what...you never hear much from people fishing them at night or having good luck..
  6. tacklebox7FF


    Now!! if you were fishing on a lake with a slot of 5 sunfish ..what size would you prefer keeping??? or if you fished a lake with a 11 minimum crappie length??? would you keep any fish at all?? I know 5 nice sunfish would be a good meal!!
  7. tacklebox7FF

    panfish vs other fish

    yeah.. i agree. and you have to remember which species is more fished in minnesota during the winter months... can anyone guess?
  8. tacklebox7FF

    panfish vs other fish

    yeah.. i agree. and you have to remember which species is more fished in minnesota too... can anyone guess?
  9. tacklebox7FF

    First Open Water Fish

    went out to wet the line last saturday.. a catfish was my first open water fish this year!
  10. tacklebox7FF

    Secret Word?

    nice craps bsg!
  11. tacklebox7FF

    Where to start?

    what kindof bay are you fishing? what structure is in the bay your fishing?
  12. tacklebox7FF

    Snow goose reports

    Oh yeah!! I agree!! been there done that!! it's kinda hard not shooting a juvie when you shoot that many geese in that short of time.. that's all. I like shooting the adult birds anyways.. they look better when it comes to taking pictures.
  13. tacklebox7FF

    panfish vs other fish

    yeah I would agree with certain spawning areas to be at least shut down most of the time.. or when the fish are most likely to spawn in those areas..
  14. tacklebox7FF

    Snow goose reports

    thats when you get all the dumb birds in the area..
  15. anyone heard on channel A ice?