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  1. Robin's in the Pequot Lakes area this morning
  2. Well the one gallon jug that I put together works great for me thanks for your help
  3. Does anyone keep your minnows in a keeper some how under your permanent house, I seen something year's ago but don't remember,or do you have another ideas i do take bait home but I think I would be better off just under the ice, have a few ideas but any ideas from you would be great thanks
  4. Sorry but for some reason I can't reply on the other site? But a ridge is going on from the island going north to Halverson's bay, I would like to get the big house out but I think I have to find a different way out there if any one lives on that side of the lake would pay to be able to get out there, thanks
  5. Looks like a lock from a goose neck on a bike were it goes in the fork to lock into place
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