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  1. I had the same issue and took it in under warranty. Turned out it was a known issue with the 4.0 update and the HDS8 gen2. Rolling back to the 3.5 update fixed it.
  2. As far as length, is the 4" enough or is 9" better? I would think the 4 would still seal into the slush pile when blocking the house.
  3. I think I was wrong about the chipper blades on the ion 10".
  4. The new ION also has reverse for easy flushing of holes. This coupled with a 10" chipper blade makes this an ideal auger for permanent houses.

    vexilar fl28

    For others' benefit following are the prompt responses I received from Vexilar: I provided the same description above of my issue with disappearing signal and was sent the following reply: "when you are in 15 feet of water, the cone angle at bottom is only about 2 feet in diameter. The bait has to stay within about 1 foot of the center. All bodies of water have some sort of current and when using small baits, they can be moved in and out of the center of the cone. By increasing your gain, you will widen the cone angle, but of course, you also increase the basic sensitivity. At that point, you cannot expect the bait to continue to be in green. If you just let the bait become orange or red, I guarantee you will still be able to see the difference between your bait and a fish target. One other thing to try is to take the unit our of AUTO and run it in the 20 foot manual mode. This could also help." My response: "I would tend to agree but have tested with a large buckshot with no bait, hanging still, and observed the same behavior." Vexilar's second response, "I have no other suggestions except, if you are only fishing shallow water and NEVER intend on going beyond 60 feet, then you might want to consider a larger cone angle. If you are fishing between 15 and 55 feet of water, the 12 degree might be a better fit. If you fish 90% of the time in water under 30 feet, I would then recommend the 19 degree. We HAVE to supply a Pro View (9 degree) with the FLX-28 units, because we have to guarantee that the unit can be used in DEEP water. That's the ONLY cone angle that will allow deep water fishing. It gets a bit tougher in shallow water with the Pro View. If the transducer is still in "Like New" condition, you're welcome to send it to us for an exchange to the 12 or 19 degree transducer cone angle." I Hope this information is helpful to someone.

    vexilar fl28

    My main issue is having to screw around with gain to maintain a signal and consistent signal strength in LP. To me this is a problem. One should be able to lower gain in LP to where signal is just visible and maintain that signal without constant adjustment.

    vexilar fl28

    I wonder if this is a problem that that should be looked into/get fixed or normal. Don't think I can use AZ in LP either, however; I do realize it's not very beneficial in shallow water.

    vexilar fl28

    I have the same exact thing going and think it may be the ProDucer. I heard of another guy that had better performance for his situation with a different ducer.

    vexilar fl28

    I've noticed that while fishing shallow on red lake I need to constantly mess with the gain on the FL-28 to see my bait. I set it low and within a few minutes need to turn up gain to see my bait. Either the battery power fades a bit or angle is too narrow? I turn up the gain and am soon looking at a big blob so I turn it back down and same scenario...Also auto mode looses signal often (once an hour or so) when not hole hopping and just sitting still. I like to unit. Just some first impressions so far. None of these issues with my FL-20.
  10. Don't know size but they sell packs of them in the propane accessories section of many hardware stores for about $2.50 for a pack of 20 or so (Mr. Heater Part #F273786).
  11. Anyone know of pork on sale for deer sausage making? Pork shoulder or otherwise?
  12. Hunting Bemidji refuge so no gun pressure. Sat last Wed afternoon and all day last Sat and Sunday. Overall last week was when I lots of spikes, sporks,sixes and basket 8's running during the day. Nothing better until that Sat night (11-9). On 11-9 evening I saw a 3.5 year old wide eight come out in the field with a doe. It was snowing hard at the time. They didn't come on a trail and came out from a random location at the edge of a large bedding swamp. Subsequently he scented me, changed course, and headed out without flagging. The doe followed/chased him. 11-10- Had a doe and fawns come through with no bucks following... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yesterday (11-15) sat all day and had a doe come screaming through at last light (this was a welcome after sitting all day with no movement). Thought a buck was following as I heard a weak grunt. It was actually an old long faced doe following a smaller doe. Maybe it was the mom (would have been a big fawn though). The doe's back wasn't scratched up either like it would had she been mounted recently. (11-16) sat all day today and saw a lone doe working towards bedding at 10:00 am (although an ATV on private property prob bumped her). Switched trees early afternoon due to shifting wind. Right at dark a doe came out and as I was getting down a buck joined her and was grunting but not on her but too hard. I think it was the same couple I saw on 11-9. Bottom Line IMHO: I do think that the chasing and early rut is late this year. I am surprise I haven't seen anything past the ears come through seeking. My theory is that it is a late rut and the moon phase (no movement last 2 days) and weather has them moving at night. Coyotes have also been letting loose at dark and they actually let loose this morning at 8:30. Sounded like about a dozen but who knows. Have usually seen much larger deer by this point. Not as many gun shots nearby either.
  13. Hormel Natural Choice spare ribs on sale at Marketplace Foods also for 1.97# for whole racks. Have been getting the always tender Hormel at Target and haven't tried these ones yet.
  14. T-Bones select cut at Cub Foods till 8-17 for 5.99/#. Good value.
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