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  1. While they may look complicated and scary to work with, it is not too difficult. A little practice and creativity. First pic is done by means of hand tossing (or little different pattern is by spray bottle) xylene or denatured alcohol onto epoxy. Sticks, leaf blowers/hairdryers, back rolling/ Swedish trowels all give a certain pattern. You can see in pic 2 back rolling can give an acid stain appearance. Pic 3 is blown. Just a bummer product price is not super friendly. However epoxy can take quite a beating, including acids.
  2. Metallic epoxy and clear coating takes it up a few notches. Acid is alright, on the bottom spectrum of concrete coloring but more affordable.
  3. What did make the mercury rise a little for me is, some years ago, in another forum site galaxies away, there was a never dying thread about Redwing dam, night fishing on shallow sand spawning walleyes. Per as usual, you have a dozen or so people posting and 1000s viewing from afar. That style of fishing doesn't pop my top. The unnecessary advertisement of it did. I think people kind of figured out what was counter productive of fishing forums through out the years and it has corrected it self naturally.
  4. I hear where you're coming from. When outdoorsmen worth their salt talk about it concerns of sustainability, it's not about next year, but of many years down the road. If wide spread low populations ever became a real issue, most likely in population hot zones, heavy tourist destinations for starters, it can be corrected with money. You just invest in implementing larger base stocking farms. Ha. Like you just busted out of the closet in jean shorts and a perm. I'll join you going into the breach,I'll be at Sportsman's all next week and as the day is long I will be gorging on walleye, every day.
  5. Mine also. Family, friends, neighbors. Nobody breaks the law. They just always keep. Bring blondy and the kids. Double double. That doesn't get my goat, I don't judge however the math rattles around in my head. Neighbor upnorth to Unk's cabin. 7 people show up to hunt, 6 deer harvested legally, but then then, meh, I don't need meat. Off to the donation shelter. I have a belief that men who spend time on and specifically, part take in these outdoor forums are ones that do ration out their meat harvesting. Me neither. I enjoy their company and the boys in blue and have too, nothing to hide. It's been a quite a few cycles since I had to cover one eye at 1 in the morning leaving the lake.
  6. All you need to know about how the outdoorsman on the other side of fence think, is when they liberalized Pelican a few years ago. While the outcome was terminal for the fish in lake no matter how it happened, at the drop of a hat, the armada came over the hills and took care of business in short order. Leaving a wake of flesh over the ice. It was not the penny loafers and white collars doing it, but the outdoorsman. While we could argue on the percentage of individuals that retain that type of mentality, truth be told you don't need a majority to cause serious problems.
  7. I do not fault this gentleman for his way of doing things. Not at all. However, the fault and problem lies with one letter in the post, "I".
  8. A larger portion of people just cannot see the bigger picture. A whisper of putting slots or a new bag on pan fish and you got pitch forks and sand pounding. The whole idea is preservation and sustainability for years to come and that requires some sacrifice. With fishing forums/media and new technology, harvesting is made so much easier. While some will say you have to still catch them, it is far easier knowing where they're at. You can have a harvesting compound, tech'd out to the max, livable for months on a spot down to the foot. You don't like it, in an hour flat you're and setup on another location. My girly girl of a woman could even go out and fish and catch and she has no business on the water. And at some point, they will have a piece of equipment that you drop down that will give you a full 3d layout. Some sort of under water drone that navigates to the bottom and sits there transmitting back to you. My view on laws, limits and slots is a variant of Louis C.K. as I do not have faith in people making the right call consistently. - The number 1 reason preventing over harvest is the law against over harvest. Cause it really sucks getting caught.
  9. JigSawJimmy

    Game Day

    Wow, I wanted to have debate you but after reading this and a few other snippets I run, not walk away. You're an embarrassment. I mean, completely. That thing above me, garbage. Fooled none but yourself. I take my nickname back also. Ish.
  10. I run a six pack of these. Magnets are strong. Light up a church if need be. https://www.menards.com/main/lighting-ceiling-fans/flashlights-work-lights-portable-lighting/work-lights/globe-recharcheable-work-light/p-1465526814113-c-7546.htm?tid=-3758008086526588648
  11. I have of money. That's not a point for me. But to say that without being terminal or a disease that will put you down in the ground and your family on the street and bankrupt. You don't know. What's wrong with health care aid after a lifetime of paying in? You a guy that lays money on a roulette table and walks away before the ball drops? I made my own way but my mother didn't raise a fool either. I don't pass on free money earned. That's a talk statement pal. All I'll say about that. I have attorneys that worry about that. Of course that is the mantra to live by. My brother died of cancer before his 10th birthday. There is not always a decision made that results in consequences to ones health. If you never take aid, good for you, but it's only worth something to you as no one else cares. However, I'm not listening to malarky about ones that do when it's time and have paid their dues, certainly wouldn't judge. Or how I see it in my bubble.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=walleye+jigging+spoons The big gold one (15g) is separate , I paid 5.99.
  13. Not me. If the wife or I fall ill when older, be darned if I'm depleting our life savings, retirement, kid's birth right before I get medicad I paid for over and over for a lifetime. We be getting a divorce. Period. No remorse. No guilt. But that's me. Not for everyone.
  14. Nose beers is usually a good substitute. As if you can't stand up to your pals with the hooch, might as well get to the getting and take your medicine in a gulp not a sip. And expedite the final outcome a little faster. Disclaimer - **advice for those that just can't be saved** ***proper spam response ***
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