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  1. wadersneyes

    Backtrolling Splash Guards

    What is your opinion on the best type or brand of splash guards.I looked back 150 pages on the forum & could not find the topic.To be installled on a 18' Lund Pro V. Thanks.
  2. wadersneyes

    BBQ Sauce Reciepe

    Does anyone have a BBQ sauce reciepe made from scratch they would like to share.......Thanks
  3. Motor is a 1997 Model, a carry over, still new in 1999. You have mail.
  4. Mpete54 you have mail. Should have recieved 7 pictures........
  5. wadersneyes

    Disney petition

    # 5328
  6. wadersneyes

    Disney petition

    Disney has crossed the line.....Sell your Stock!!!!!!!!!
  7. wadersneyes

    Dog Vests

    Thanks for all the information. Many tips that I had not thought of. I am picking up a vest asap. Good Hunting.........
  8. First time dog owner here. I have a 8 mo. old black lab and have seen and heard of these neopreme vests. Are they a good idea? Or is it like shooting a single shot compared to an automatic. Not necessary.
  9. wadersneyes

    Help, PLEASE!! (Of a personal nature)

    I have just read 8 pages of the most heart warming replies in this forum ever.I have already replied with a prayer of my own. May we all continue to pray for Cindy & Dan. God be with you . Sam