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  1. until
    I am considering doing a webinar, Thursday, July 30th, from 7 to 8 PM, on fall activities in the Leech Lake, Walker, Bemidji, Park Rapids Area. Fishing, hunting, hiking, shopping, camping and more. If I see enough interest we will get a webinar set up to go over mini adventures and answer your questions. Let us know by selecting the "Going" button.
  2. The Leech Lake walleyes are on the move and our guides have been chasing them! With a recent fly hatch and some heat moving in this week has been a grind but we are still finding limits. A few keys to putting fish in the boat have been the location, the presentation and the wind. Most of our fish have been on Sucker bay and the main lake. Duck point, Ottertail point and Stoney point have all been good and putting out fish. We have been focusing on the 11-14 feet of water and covering ground has been important. Both Duck and Ottertail points have nice break lines that top out around 8 and bottom at 20, which, is what we have been focusing on. Try to run your boat along the break line and make note of where the fish tend to be. If they are on the top of the break fish there and likewise for the deeper water. Our presentation of choice, when the wind allows it, has been bottom bouncers with spinners. Gold, pink and white, and green have all been getting the Leech Lake walleye guide fish in the boat. Try to run these at 1.3-1.8 mph with just enough line out to “bounce off the bottom.” The wind has been a nice advantage the past few days. Use the wind to push your boat along the desired path for a nice easy drift. As stated above the places we have been focusing on are actually in the same area but with different layouts. this allows you to make sure you are fishing in the waves and not in flat calm water. As you may know, leech is very clear so on a flat calm and sunny day it can be tough. Find the waves and find the action. We do still have some openings for July yet. Give us a call to book your adventure. https://leechlakeguideservice.com Dennis Carlson with his Biggest walleye 27 inches. Caught on a green spinner rig.
  3. Joe

    New Boat!

    I did like the way the 1910 tracked. Very nice boat. Get a hold of Dean at SBC tremendous service from these guys!
  4. Joe

    New Boat!

    Anyone have any experience with a Lund 208 with a 300 verado pro? I am starting to consider them.
  5. Joe

    New Boat!

    ​I have done a little looking at the rangers but they bring Blood money for a used one and out of my range on new. How do you like the 300 pro? I have some talk about hearing a constant whine from the supercharger? I did ride in a 1910 with Dean from skeeter boat center a few weeks ago. I cannot say enough good about that boat or SBC. Fit and finish is good and a ton of storage up front. That boat tracks better then any boat I have drove. I like the how deep the boat is, makes you feel very secure in it. Dean brought up a 1910 for me to drive and was very easy to deal with. The 1910 I drove had a 200 Yamaha on the back. I was a bit disappointed with the holeshot on it. took a bit of time to get up. But WOT with 3 people and gear had it at 49 mph. Which is fast for a 19 foot boat.
  6. We sell it here so I am a bit biased but it does make a difference. Not sure if he is selling the whole package or just the interior treatment. If you are keeping your car for 6+ years id say go for it. If you are trading more often the benefits might not out weigh the cost. I really like the undercoating and the rust proofing. The undercoating gives you a quitter ride and does prevent rust on the frame. The rust proofing is sprayed into the doors to stop the rust.
  7. Joe

    New Boat!

    Switched gears yesterday and skipped the visit to SBC. Will be rescheduling in the next few weeks. Went and looked at the Lund Pro-v 186. Wow was that a nice boat, very sharp. The front deck was the deepest I have seen a glass boat. The air ride seats that Lund puts in them feel a little weak. I should clarify, I did not ride in the Lund. I have decided against the Lund just because the 186 was a bit small in the cockpit and the bigger glass Lunds are getting out of my price range. Went out in the Larson 2020 with the Verado. Same top end speed as the Suzuki (53 mph) Hole shot was about half a second faster. I was thinking the Merc would have higher top end speed. Conditions were about the same. Needless to say the boat handled the same and rode nice. The verado had power steering which made turning the boat (at any speed) easier. A nice touch in my book. Figured this thread was lacking a bit without this...
  8. Joe

    New Boat!

    I will say this about Larson, they are making one heck of an attempt to build the best boat for the money. The changes they make from year to year is very impressive. It's still in the list of contenders.
  9. Joe

    New Boat!

    Last year's 2014 2020 TL Larson: The new hull for Larson is a big improvement over last years design. Handles big water great. However, the boat did tend to porpoise a bit. I have heard that is more due to the prop then the boat but none the less was a bit of an issue for me. max speed with a 200 I4 Verado was 49. did touch 50 a time or two with two guys in the boat. I cannot say enough good about the smart craft gauges and the RPM troll down. I could get any speed I wanted out of it as low as 1.3 MPH going forward. Worked wonderful for trolling cranks and back trolling bottom bouncers. The space in the boat was incredible. very large casting deck upfront and a nice cock-pit. I had the upgraded snap-in mesh. Very nice compared to the carpet. A few things I wasn't impressed with were the stickers on the outside of the boat. lower attention to detail on the gel lines were a disappointment. The drain ports in the cock-pit are a bit small. when cleaning the boat water would pool up a bit. The storage is not dry storage in the least. The fit and finish of the compartments was lower then expected. For the money an O.K. boat. But it was sold due to the fact I learned I wanted a windshield. I will make another post tonight on my review of a water test on a 2015 Larson 2020 with a windshield.
  10. Joe

    New Boat!

    This year I am buying a new boat. I will be writing about my experiences with each boat and my opinion on each. Here is what I will be looking at a 18-20 foot fiberglass boat with a full windshield, going to be new or slightly used. As far as motors I am not too picky. Would prefer a 4 stroke though. A little back ground. I am mainly fish walleyes on big water (leech). Last year I bought a Larson 2020 tiller and wasn't happy so I sold it after having it 8 months...
  11. 2014 Larson FX 2020 Tiller Gen 2 Hull with 200 HP Super Charged Verado. The 200 HP is the max allowed on this boat. Why under power a boat? It will do 50+ on calm days no problem. With the big tiller hydraulic handle this boat handles with ease weather you're trolled down to 2 mph or screaming at 50. Comes with upgraded snap in mats, captains? chair, 2 fishing chairs one butt seat, 80lbs Minn-kota Vantage, and Humminbird 1158c. Has quick release plate on bow for a bow mount electric trolling motor. Slide track system w/ 4 bases and rod holders. This boat is water ready. Motor has less than 100 hrs on it. Email or text for questions or more pics. MSRP $52,534 w/o Minnkota and h-bird $36,500 OBO!! Private Party so no sales tax Call or text Joe 507-456-6140
  12. Depending on what you are looking for NOW is the time to buy a Silverado. as much as $9500 off MSRP. The selection is great but they will be drying up soon. Also agree about the new ford. Nice truck with good MPG claims but what is insurance going to run? I think they also lack something in the ride department too.
  13. Great thread guys! I just got a new H-bird with SI and DI. How do you save screenshots? I am guessing it is saved to an SD card. I also installed the transducer myself and am a pretty new to the SI/DI any tips on getting the best picture? Thanks!
  14. Joe

    Fire Brite LED sale

    All orders were shipped today! Thanks for ordering guys.
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